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Friday, May 26, 2017

Enjoying Mother Nature
Friday, May 26, 2017 6 Comments Images

   Hello lovelies. Today is a beautiful day! I am coming to you from the great outdoors! Ok ok, so I haven't traveled to some far off extravagant place, but I am coming to you from outside haha! So, one of my goals as of late is to get out and explore different places right here in my local area. And by places, I mean places that I can get outside and workout and incorporate being outside into my wellness and fitness routine. I love working out in the clean, fresh air and seeing the beauty of parks, campgrounds, canyons, and mountains surrounding where we live. As I have mentioned before, being active and staying fit is a huge part of my lifestyle, and in order to keep it a big part of my lifestyle, I am finding that I must continue to innovate and freshen up my routine. Yoga has been part of helping me do just that. I love the core work and stretching that a Yoga routine provides and it is such a great change from my normal mix of weights and cardio. I know I might sound like a broken record sometimes but for me, variety is so key to staying active and continuing to create different routines and trying new things is part of what I enjoy most about staying fit. And now mixing up where I actually workout is becoming part of that variety.

This particular day, Brod, the boys and I drove up to the base of the mountains near our house to a park/pond area and the boys played while I did some Yoga. I loved being outside and still being able to hang with my guys while I got a workout in. For my clothing, I continue to go back to Kohl's for the active wear selection they have there! The variety of brands, I went with Adidas and Tek Gear for this particular look, is fantastic and the price points don't break the bank. I love knowing that I can go to Kohl's and get what I am looking for in terms of activewear and still be able to wear a good mix of both national and value brands. So yeah, the theme of what I am saying today is I like to mix it up and keep things fresh haha! Whether it be my actual workout routine, where I workout, or what I wear to workout in, I enjoy having a good mix, and a store like Kohl's allows me to do the what I wear part all under one roof (or website if you are shopping online).

Any who, I hope you guys enjoyed this post today and I hope that you feel inspired to mix up your daily routines of wellness and try new things, or try new places. To me, so much of life is about gaining experiences and learning, and it's only by stepping outside of our comfort zones that we can do that. Thanks for following! I love you all!!

* This post was sponsored by Kohl’s through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about Kohl’s, all opinions are my own.

sports bra
jacket (similar)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Spiced Up Basics
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 Basics. You have to have them. They match with anything and can be easily paired. It's actually crazy how often I wear basics, and what I mean by basic, is a simple piece that is in a color way such as black, white, navy, or a neutral. My favorite part of wearing a basic piece is then taking that piece and styling it and pairing it with other items to make it your own look. This is actually what I have done with the look featured in today's post.

I have taken our new Navy dress at caralorenshop and spiced it up a bit by pairing this fantastic Tommy Hilfiger denim vest with it. I then threw in some Puma sneaks and one of my go-to bags and boom...the look is complete! I seriously think that styling a look and taking a basic or classic piece and combining it with other signature pieces and accessories to create a look that is true to me and my style is one of my most favorite aspects of fashion. To take separate pieces and tailor them to fit who you are and what your taste and style is something I have such as strong passion for. I have linked the look below, as I said the Navy basic can be found at my shop here (it just launched today along with another new dress!), and the Tommy vest, shoes, and other accessories are all linked below, so check it out! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and big thanks for following!!

dress (perfect basic to go with anything)
denim jacket/vest
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 5 Comments Images

It's mid-week ya'll and I hope you all are having a happy Wednesday so far. I am quite sleepy this morning, you know those mornings when it feels like your eyes literally cannot open...yeah today is one of those mornings. But, the sun is shining, summer is here and it's a beautiful day!

So, let's talk cutouts. Today's post features a swimsuit I wore in Oahu and I loved the simplicity of it. Cutouts are kind of a new trend or happening to the swimwear world that have entered the market the last couple of years. I am quite selective when it comes to wearing cutout swimsuits, they have to be cut in the right places and fit in the way I like, and I found a winner in this little black number. It's a fantastic fit and the cutouts are in places that are fun and still flattering. I can say that this will be a swimsuit that I will wear frequently this summer, I like the simplicity of it.

What are some of your favorite "cutout" swimwear pieces? Any particular brands that you think have nailed the cutout look? Please share if so as I am constantly looking for new swimsuits to try.

As for the swimsuit I am wearing, I have some great news for you, it is currently 30% off (see link below) and it also comes in blue.

Well I will let you guys go for today, hopefully my eyes will actually open for the rest of the day haha, but if not I can always dream about being back in beautiful Hawaii for a bit. I love you all and thanks so much for following!


swimsuit 30 % off! (also comes in blue)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's All About The Hair
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 7 Comments Images

Hey guys. I hope this post finds each of you happy and well! Today I am so excited to be partnering with Garnier to highlight and discuss their new Fructis Moisture Lock collection, which is made up of the Fructis Moisture shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment.

So, as you may know from following me here on the blog and my other social platforms, my schedule can get pretty hectic. And when I say "pretty," I really mean "very." Seriously, we are go, go, go here at our household with work, travel, the boys activities, and staying active each day. I know that there are many of you out there that experience a similar busy and hectic schedule as I do. Being a mom that seems to always be on the go, I need a haircare product that fits into my routine with ease and one that is simple and effective for my hair. I have found just that in the Garnier Fructis Moisture Lock the Collection. My hair is in constant need of moisture and cleaning, because working out and staying active is a consistent ingredient in my daily routine. I have kind of run into a double-edged sword at times because I recognize the need to clean and wash my hair frequently, but have been nervous that by doing so, I would dry out and damage my hair. With the Fructis Moisture Lock collection, I haven't had to worry about that. The cactus extract infused formula is designed to lock in moisture and break the cycle of dryness, leaving your hair soft and sleek, even when washing twice a day. This is exactly what I need, with the amount of traveling we do and fitting in workouts at odd times of the day, and then having meetings or date nights later in the evening, I am in constant need of washing my hair. Knowing I have found a product that will allow me to do that whilst still keeping my hair soft, healthy, shiny, and full of moisture is absolutely amazing.

And the best part, this fantastic collection of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment can be found at your local drugstore. Walgreen's, Walmart, Target, any of your staple stores found both locally and nationally should carry this awesome stuff!!

So quick story on this note, the boys and I were recently in Oahu, Hawaii and of course, because I packed in a hurried panic the night before we left ( like I always do), we arrived in Oahu and I had forgotten my hair products (along with 20 other things haha). Well, knowing that I was going to be in the sun at the pool swimming, at the beach, working out, and exploring the island all day, I knew that at some point my hair was going to need some serious attention. So what did we do? Stopped at Target on the west side of Oahu and picked up the Garnier Fructis Moisture Lock collection and let it work its magic in Hawaii! We also seemed to have left Target with a action figures for the dudes and loads of snacks haha, but I loved that I could pick up the product I needed with little hassle or expense. We filmed our experience in the video below, but bottom line, I was able to snag the product, wash my hair a couple times throughout the day...workout, adventure, and still have healthy, and shiny, and soft hair for a date night with Brod in the evening. Check out the video and you will see more details!!

Finally, before I let you all go for the day, I thought it would be helpful to list a few of the major benefits and details regarding the Fructis Moisture Lock Collection below:

- it's paraben-free and the formula is vegan
- made with a blend of vitamins and cactus extract
- 3 separate products designed to work together, the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment
- developed to lock in moisture in the hair for 48 hours, it quenches, smooths, softens, prevents        breakage, detangles, adds shine, and controls frizz
- The 10-in-1 offers 10 benefits, it quenches, adds shine, softens, detangles, controls frizz, helps protect from heat damage, helps prevent breakage, freshens, and boosts manageability.

So yeah, it pretty much rocks!!! I have loved using it for my hair and have noticed the additional moisture and shine it brings to my hair! Let me know if you guys have any questions regarding the product and/or how to use it. Thank you for following, it means the world to me. Now, back to the crazy schedule haha! I hope you all have a great day!

Go HERE to see my YouTube video!!