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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

That Denim Though
Wednesday, August 31, 2016 3 Comments Images

Hey guys, I hope this post finds you happy and well! Today is all about one of my favorite items to wear, no matter what the season or trend might be, and that is denim jeans. I love a great pair of jeans and I have teamed up with Express to talk about jeans and why I believe they are so fantastic. A great pair of jeans that fit well are, to me, one of the most must have pieces that you can have in your closet. I've been buying denim from Express since I was in high school and I have always loved the selection and quality of their jeans. The Express Denim Collection features such a great variety of styles and colors. Ranging from super skinny to skyscraper, boot to cropped, and flare to legging, there is a fit and style for everyone. One thing I have always loved about denim is that you can style it and make it personal to who you are. Denim has always and continues to represent that which is genuine and I love to take a pair of jeans that I love and make them my own. I love the idea and principle of being genuine. My favorite humans in the world to hang with are my boys and my husband. Brod has always made me feel like I can just be myself and one thing I love so much about him is that he is who is, wherever he is. To me that is what being genuine is, letting who you are shine and be no matter the circumstances or environment you are in. I feel like we have both always inspired that quality to one another since we met and continue to push each other to "just be" our best selves wherever we are. The clothing we wear should be an extension of that, it should be worn with confidence and help to empower who we are inside. Jeans just seem to do that, in an effortless way. They fit our bodies differently and are each of us wear our jeans in our own way and I love that! If you haven't already, go checkout the Express Denim Collection because I know you will find a pair or pairs of jeans that fit you and your style, and make them your own!

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similar top
sunnies (super similar)

Brody's jeans

Monday, August 29, 2016

Blue Summer Dress
Monday, August 29, 2016 6 Comments Images

Hello lovelies! It's Monday morning and I am excited to be starting a fresh new week! Today's post takes us up to Park City, a place that you may have noticed that we like to frequently visit. This particular day we spent time downtown Park City on Main Street. There are a bunch of cool little shops on Main Street that the boys and I love checking out. The weather was fantastic and after spending some time in the shops, we wandered around the neighborhoods surrounding Main Street to look at some of the different houses there. There are some really rad and unique looking homes in the downtown area of Park City and I always love to look at different houses to see the style and design of them. I kept it pretty casual with my look, I love this little blue dress, the fit is fantastic and it is perfect for a warm summer day. I linked a bunch of similar options below that you guys can checkout! To finish the look I paired some simple brown sandals with the dress and I was ready to roll. The boys found this staircase that they had to go up an down over and over again, it is so funny what can entertain these little dudes, and this particular day it was stairs haha! Anyhow, I hope you all have a fabulous day to start off your week! Thanks for your love and support! Love you all!

dress (sold out, similar HERE and I linked a ton of similar below)
sandals (similar here, here and here)

Arrow's shoes
Hanes' shoes

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Happy Birthday PMD!
Thursday, August 25, 2016 17 Comments Images

Hey guys! Today I am excited to be teaming up again with PMD to share with you a tutorial and update on my use of the product. First and foremost, I've want to wish PMD a happy birthday! To celebrate the birthday of PMD I am going to share a few reasons as to why I love this product so much. I touch upon these in the video below, but wanted to give a quick recap here on the blog as well.

First, using PMD has sincerely changed my skin. I have been using for quite awhile now and can honestly say that I have softer, smoother skin because of using it regularly. I have seen a reduction in wrinkles and the results are real.

Second, I love products that are easy to use and PMD fits that bill perfectly. I use it weekly, it takes under five minutes to use and is not complicated to use at all. Once you have used it once, you pretty much have the gist of how it works and you can go from there. Very simple and user friendly and I love that.

Finally, the reason that kind of encompasses the first two is this, I believe that the PMD is the best microdermabrasion tool out there. As I mentioned above, the results speak for themselves, and they speak to everyone. There are thousands of users, including me, that have given their testimonies and reasons as to why they love the product. I love a product that stands on its own merit and encourage you all to check it out and try it for yourself. Having confidence in yourself and being confident in your own skin is such a big deal and I am all for any product that helps empower us all to have that confidence! I snagged a coupon code for you and it is: Cara30, so go get one if you haven't already! Love ya'll!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

High Rise
Tuesday, August 23, 2016 22 Comments Images

Hey ya'll! Happy Tuesday! Today's look takes us back to Ceasar's Palace in Vegas where Brod, the boys, and I spent a ton of time in the pool because it was seriously so so hot! This look features a high-waisted swimsuit that I love! I have been digging the high-waisted look all summer and this olive/army green is one of my favorites. What type of swimsuits have you guys been liking this summer? Any certain cut or style that you have preferred over others? And why? I would love to hear about your favorites! I can't believe how fast this summer flown by, I don't know if you guys feel like that, but it feels like time has been in fast forward the past few months! I am trying to just slow down and enjoy the last of summer before my little dude Hanes goes back to school and we get into the swing of Fall. Any who, thank you all for following and thank you so much for your love and support! It really means so much to me. Have a great day!

swimsuit top
swimsuit bottom

Monday, August 22, 2016

Three Stripe Life
Monday, August 22, 2016 13 Comments Images

Hello lovelies! Today is a beautiful day and I am happy and excited to be talking about shoes again today! Seriously, I love shoes, and as I have mentioned a lot lately, I am absolutely loving sneakers right now. So, I have teamed up with ShopStyle and Finish Line to talk about a couple pair of the new Adidas kicks that are featured at Finish Line right now, and let me just tell you that these shoes are on fire. First of all, for those of you that love Adidas like I do, the selection they have at Finish Line is on point. Superstars, Alpha Bounce, Stan Smith's, Tubular's, and Ultra Boosts are just a few of the fantastic types of Adidas shoes that they have available right now. Their range is deep and there is a style and type of shoe for everyone, from cool street-style sneakers to running shoes and trainers, they got it all. Pictured below on me are the Ultra Boost Uncaged Running shoes (in the red/pink), and the Adidas Originals Tubular Defiant casual shoes (black, I also love the gray and white). The boosts are great for working out and running, they are super comfy and have the boost cushioning and support that you need for getting your sweat on. The tubulars are more of a casual-street style shoe and I love how clean they look. They are simple in color and sharp in design and can be worn with joggers and a tee, or even dressed up a bit with a skirt or dress. I love the versatility of the Adidas footwear at Finish Line, and if ya'll haven't had a chance to check it out, you need to! Thank you all for following, I love you all!!

*Thanks to Finish Line and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.