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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017 14 Comments Images

Hey guys. So it's pretty much midnight and I am laying here next to Brod (with Nash cuddling at our feet of course) watching Jimmy Fallon and I am just straight mulchin'. Like full chill mode, and almost typing half asleep mode haha. Do you guys ever fall asleep with your computer open, on your lap? Because I think I might do that more than anyone on the planet. I will be editing or browsing or working on my computer, and next thing I know I am out cold. It's crazy how some nights I can fall asleep in half a second, and other nights it takes what feels like ages. I have been on this earth sleeping for 26 years now and it's still one of those things that I don't fully understand and comprehend.

So, today's post features one of those outfits that I feel is perfect for summer. It mixes a fun white top (that you can find from caralorenshop) with a floral skirt...and something about this combo just screams sassy to me! I don't know what it is, maybe the white fringe of the top, or bright red of the skirt, but this look gives me an extra boost of attitude. I love it! I also love taking a very common and classic color combo, such as pairing white and black, and throwing a pop of color in it. Toss in some platform heels and you are ready to attack the day with some confidence, and maybe a hint of sass. I have linked the pieces below so you can check them out for yourself! I am going to sign off for now, I am starting to feel myself fall asleep and I want to make sure and put my laptop down before I am in dreamland. Thank you all for following! I love you all!

handbag (on sale)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nordy Finds
Wednesday, July 19, 2017 7 Comments Images

Hello loves.
It's that time again. The Anniversary sale at Nordstrom is here and it's time to get our shop on! Below you will find a bunch of my favs from Nordstrom, and yes I have quite a few favs! Dresses, jackets, jeans, tops, sweaters, dusters, you name it...I am loving it! I have linked all of the pieces in the pics below and hope this will give you some ideas and inspiration as you shop the sale! I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you so much for following! I love you all!

look 1
distressed skinny jeans

look 2 & 3
rust dress
suede jacket

look 4

look 5
bodycon wrap dress

look 6
floral duster 

look 7
white floral summer dress

look 8
boyfriend jeans

look 9
pink velour backpack

look 10
grey tshirt dress

look 11
distressed skinny jeans

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Boys Day and Boys Play!
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 6 Comments Images

Hello loves. It's Tuesday and I am back in my own home in what feels like a very long time, and oh it feels oh so good! As much as we love to travel, sometimes being in the comfort and walls of my own home is just what I need. There is a peace and calm that comes from waking up with my dudes and husband in our house. Anyone else get that? Maybe that is where that "home is where the heart is" saying comes from?

With that being said, today's post is all about the boys and the interesting fact that surrounds them. This being, no matter what day it is or where we are, they are in a constant state of play. Whether on the road or at home, these boys simply want to be doing, doing, doing, and playing, playing, playing. Although it can be exhausting for Brod and I, and tricky on our work schedule (seeing as we work from home or wherever we might be at the time), I would not have it any other way. I love their energy and enthusiasm for life! The pics below show some of the activities we enjoyed at the Ritz Carlton Half-Moon Bay. We swam and swam (for sure the go-to activity of the boys wherever possible), and played croquet for the first time which was so rad! Arrow was a little dangerous with the mallet in his hand haha, but they both loved it and had such a blast playing it. Other adventures not pictured on this particular trip were trail hiking, rock throwing at the beach, chasing each other on the golf course, and eating way too many s'mores! 

So yeah, the VB's like to play! Some might think too much, and we are definitely striving to find that work/play balance each and every day, but we only get one life you know. One day, one week, and one month at a time to live and enjoy each of them once. So, we choose to play a lot!! Happy Tuesday!!


swimsuit top

Hanes' sweatshirt

Arrow's pants
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flowers Everywhere
Tuesday, July 11, 2017 19 Comments Images

Hey guys! Taking it back to Oahu today...sorry I can't get enough of that amazing island! So while we were there at the Four Seasons Ko'Olina I had the opportunity to help create/make a flower crown. I had never done this before and let me tell you that it was so much fun!

They brought in all sorts of fresh flowers and leaves and we then created our own masterpiece! I seriously enjoyed it so much and for any of you that have the opportunity to do this, whether it be in Hawaii or elsewhere, I would say take the time to do it and enjoy the experience!

Once completed I kind of felt like an island princess and sort of didn't want to take it off the whole rest of the trip haha! Not to mention, the flower crown matched my swimsuit perfectly and put the finishing touch on my swim look for the day. The boys thought it was cool and both Hanes and Arrow said it made me look like a princess, so that made it even better. Any how, I hope you enjoy the pics, I linked my suit below (I love it by the way, like a lot!), and I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! And if any of you are going to Oahu soon, let me know...so we can go with you!! Seriously I love that place so much!!

shorts (also in lighter color)