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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Skin Care
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 15 Comments Images

Today is all about taking care of your skin.  This is a subject that I am often emailed about, and get questions about it, so I wanted to chat about it a little today. Now first off,  I have used tons of different products (I'm a product junky), and have a lot of favorites, but today I wanted to talk more about some skin care lines that are a little more accessible, and what place is more accessible than Nordstrom. I'm talking about a few of my favorite products below and then I also included a bunch of products that I have tried and like.  I didn't put anything below that I haven't tried, but I talked about the specific products that I love. I hope this helps and answers some of your questions!

Skin Care

I love, love, love Murad and so does my husband.  I'm not kidding when I say that he is ALWAYS stealing my face wash. This face wash is the softest stuff I have ever put on and I am in love with everything Murad I have tried. 

Okay this stuff is a must if you are at all a lip stick-wearer (probably not a word).  It's essential to do a scrub on your lips to get all that dead skin off and the Sugar brand is my fav! 

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift
This is a product that I received once from buying my Estee Lauder foundation and powder, it was a gift that I got when spending a certain amount of money.  I used it and instantly fell in love with it. I have bought it multiple times since and love the way it leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

Makeup Wipes
I am the queen of makeup wipes.  There are just some nights that I can't even move because I am so exhausted, so instead of not washing your makeup off (because we all know that's not good for your skin), grab a makeup wipe from your bedside and take that crap off.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hat Obsessed
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 54 Comments Images

So clearly I have been a little addicted to hats lately and you know what, I'm okay with that! They give any outfit that finishing touch that it needs.  It makes me feel and look like I put way more effort into an outfit than I really did and who doesn't want that.  I am always on the look out for new hats, in my opinion you can never have too many.  The best thing about them too is that they don't have to be pricey to be good.  Some of my favorite hats are ones that I got for a steal. I am very much a hat girl and I'm proud of it! Are you there any pieces that are like that for you?

Thief & Bandit dress c/o
bag c/o

my tan by Glow by Meg (meganvanbrocklin8@gmail.com)
Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015 20 Comments Images

Happy Monday my friends and followers! Today, I wanted to share with you some pictures from some quality time that I spent with my little man Hanes! I can't believe how fast this guy is growing up, and I just love seeing him learn something new every day! He is my best buddy, and is such great big brother to Arrow, and a big help to me. The things he learns every day boggles my mind, half the time I don't even know where he learned it from. Big thanks to Nordstrom Rack and their awesome selection for making it impossible to leave without a fun, new jacket and purse, I swear every time I go in there, I find some new little gem that I just can't leave without. Anyways, I hope you all have  a great Monday and get to spend time chasing your dreams and spending time with those you love! By the way, does Hanes not look like he is 10 years old here...it's killing me!

Hanes' outfit:
boots (similar)

Some other fun coats from Nordstrom Rack...

*Thanks to Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring this post. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

James Perse Sale
Saturday, January 24, 2015 2 Comments Images

Happy Saturday ya'll!! I wanted to share a killer sale at James Perse with you guys, it is just about over so you better run and get those last deals! The sale ends tomorrow and the offer is 75% off  their sample sale so let's just say it has some key pieces. I put a bunch of my favorite pieces below and I feel like there are some really cool and nice basic pieces that you need in a closet. Happy shopping!!

James Perse Sale

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spicing Up All Black
Thursday, January 22, 2015 30 Comments Images

Today's outfit is one I am really loving, and will definitely be on repeat! It's a classic look with a fun factor that makes an all black look a little more exciting! I hope you enjoy and have an amazing Thursday. We are so close to the weekend so just keep chugging along!
p.s. This dress is from Note To You Little Sister and they are giving all my followers 20% off their first order with the code WELCOME20. Also it's free 2 day shipping on all order order $50, have fun shopping!

dress c/o NTYLS
shoes (old) similar and here

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 25 Comments Images

Today's post is complete cuddles from this little man.  I swear I will die when he gets out of the cuddling phase. He does the classic dive into my face to give it kisses all the time right now, and it is my absolute favorite!  I feel like my boys are getting so big and I have so many mixed emotions about it. Of course I love seeing them learn things and get bigger and grow up, it's just hard to know that my babies are getting so big. I'm guessing I'm not the only mommy that feels this way so I just had to vent for a minute! I hope all of you are having a great week and have an awesome Tuesday!

Harlowe & Graham sweater
jacket (similar)
Free Bird booties via c/o Steve Madden Utah 303-331-8358
Botkier handbag c/o

Arrow's outfit:
onepiece c/o Paige Lauren
blanket c/o Aden & Anais

Monday, January 19, 2015

Home Inspo
Monday, January 19, 2015 13 Comments Images

I am thinking about house stuff all the time right now, so I thought why not do a fun home inspiration board.  This is the feel I am going for in my house, and especially my main area and bedroom.  I am actually a little plant obsessed right now, and continue to buy more and more plants.  I feel like it gives my house such a warm and inviting feel, and that's exactly what I'm going for.  I will have house posts coming in the next while, but for now I wanted to show you guys some pieces I have my eye on and are loving! Happy Monday and I hope you enjoy!

1. Leaf Pillow
2. Rug (cheaper version) (purple version)
3. Lamp
4. Buffalo Picture
5. Printed Pouf (another version)
6. Gold Animal
7. Mirror (cheaper version)
8. Chair
9. Hanging plants (hanger)
10. Couch
11. Wood Side Table

Main Interior