What a night!

Lets just start off by saying that it has been a LONG night! It was my last game tonight! We did amazing at half time with our dance, and it felt so good! I went to talk to my family after game and just wanted to cry! I have the best family in the whole world.  My mom who is the most supportive mommy I could have ever asked for.  I don't think she has ever missed anything! My dad who is so sick and still has a smile on saying I am amazing and gorgeous! Lets just say I needed that! My amazing sis, she is the best at making me feel like I am the bomb! My sweet in laws! They are the best in laws anyone could ever ask for, they are so supportive! My cute aunty and gorgeous cousins, and my amazing glama Ellie(and yes her name is glama, because she is so glamorous!)!! Last but definitely not least my Brods! Lets just say i don't deserve how amazing he is to me! He treats me like his princess!

On the drive home I broke down, I felt like such a baby! I never cry like this. Holy cow I need to control myself!  Im just really gonna miss these girls, and I am especially going to miss dancing with them!

I just love everyone in my life!!