Happy 1 month birthday baby boy!

My baby boy turned 1 month old on the 28th!  Can I just say I have the best little boy in the whole world! Facts about Hanes Brody Van Brocklin:
-His favorite thing to do is snuggle with his mommy.
-Laying on his daddy's chest calms him right down.
-He loves to stare at his puppy Nash(who always tries to sneak a lick on Hanes's hand.)
-He shakes his head back and forth really fast when he is hungry. 
-He has three distinct cries.
1. Hungry Cry (really ticked)
2. Fake Cry (never last longer than two seconds)
3. Tummy ache (saddest thing ever)
-He is the strongest little man ever.
-He rolled over at 1 month! Yeah thats my boy haha
-Has blow outs way to often.
-He is already addicted to binkies....oops
-Loves baths with mommy.
-Hates when mommy eats Cafe Rio.
-Always pees on daddy because he is too slow when he changes him. haha
-Never stops moving his arms. Active little man.
-Is the tallest skinniest little guy ever.
-Has the best mullet.
-He has the loudest scream ever! 
-Has the most luscious lips that are perfect for kissing.
-Stares at mommy and daddy all day with those big dreamy eyes!
Let's just say that we love my little guy more than anything! 
Here are some pics of my cute baby Hanes!
Comin home from the hospital!

Good morning mommy!
Chillin with his cousin Knox.

 Love this little guy!
1 month old birthday
We Love You Hanes!