Hair Talk

Today we are going to talk hair. I finally stepped away from the top knot and decided to wash and actually do my hair.  The biggest deal for me is to be able to wear my same curled hair for about 4 days.  This may seem gross to you, but i couldn't imagine washing my hair any more often than that.  I am not a huge product user but my sister in law gave me moroccan oil a couple Christmas's ago and I am still using the same bottle and I love it.  It's a little expensive but it's totally worth it. I have naturally huge and curly hair so this just helps calm the frizziness down a little and makes it easier to control my mane.  

The two pictures below were from today and i used a 1" curling iron.  i never clamp the bottom of my hair in the iron because i like the messy ends.  Another trick i do is always make sure your curling iron is straight down. you don't want it in any weird angles.  I use a tiny bit of hairspray sometimes but not much.  you don't want your curls stiff. You can also use a beachy serum when your done but i did not in this picture.  

about 3 days old of these kind of curls

5 days.....don't judge
This is a letting my hair do it's thing a little bit more.  Now i have really curly hair so this may work with your hair, it may not.  i first scrunch my hair a little after the shower and let it air dry.  to be honest i don't ever use a specific product when i do this, you can just use a light gel or beach serum that you put in while your hair is still wet.  Once it is dry i take the upper pieces of my hair and help them out a little bit with a small cone curling iron.  Embrace the messiness! p.s. don't brush these curls out
this is a couple days without having to do anything....just spice it up with a little hairspray
and straight hair of course....this RARELY happens. people are actually shocked when they see my hair straight.  it takes too much time and effort, but it's fun to change things up on occasion.  if anyone has any tips for people with curly hair to get your hair straight without having to blow dry and fry your hair off with a straightener I'm up for any tips!
Happy Hair Days