facial beauty

Now I believe that less is more when it comes to makeup, but it couldn't be more important to find the makeup that works best with your skin.  i have tried a ton of different kinds and these some of my favs!
This is my favorite concealer I have tried.  I use this when I am having one of those days that I feel like I am a zombie and have big black bags under my eyes. Since having Hanes and staying up all hours of the night, this happens more often than I would like.  
I have tried numerous kinds of foundations, whether it's MAC, Clinic, or whatever......REVLON ColorStay is still my fav.  I am sure there are others out there that are great, but this is what I have liked. I am not a big fan of foundation that I feel like is heavy on my face.  I like my foundation to be light and airy so you can still see your natural glowing skin, but hide any blemishes that you are bugged about.  All foundation should do is enhance your skin, not hide it.   
HD High Definition Powder by Makeup Forever is amazing. This is not something that is suppose to give you more coverage or color, this just holds and defines the makeup that was previously put on your face.  This way your not having to put on your makeup again later, your glowing all day long.  It also looks amazing in pictures.  

If you use bronzer, I highly recommend bare minerals faux tan bronzer.  This is perfect for the days that you want a little extra color, or in the summer when you have got a little tan goin on, but your face is struggling in that department.  You only have to use a tiny bit and it goes a long ways.  It gives you the perfect summer glow.