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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hair Changes......Blonde vs. Brunette
Saturday, May 19, 2012 9 Comments Images

I was going through some old pics this morning and I passed some of my pics from my brunette days.  I just got thinking that it is crazy how different someone can look with just a different hair color.  It almost changes your entire identity haha anyways I thought I was just put that out there for a random post of the day.  
Here are some examples of celebs that have hair changes as well.  
Lauren Conrad

Cameron Diaz


I want your opinions.  What do you prefer??


  1. Apart from Rihanna, I think I like all those people better blonde , including you :) Maybe I'm biased. Also I did my hair like your video tutorial and I got at least 5 compliments at church on it. :) Thanks

  2. I don't know how you look so good with both colors. Seriously you look gorgeous with both. So not fair. By the way i love your blog. You always look so cute.

  3. Hi there, just curious, when you go blonde, do you bleach your entire head of hair, highlight partial/full? I love how vibrantly blonde you are and can't seem to get my hair dresser to lighten me up enough. THanks!!!!

    1. Hey, not sure what she does but my hair is pretty close in color... I get a full head of heavy highlights and slices (not sure exactly how they do the slices, but it gives more color and looks very natural while looking almost like it's dyed that color... I notice that when I don't ask for the slices my hair definitely starts to get darker)

  4. Black color curly hair extensions are always my favorite but you have not shared any picture of it. Hair style in 3rd last picture is looking good.

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