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Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy busy busy
Monday, June 25, 2012 16 Comments Images

Yes I know.....I have been awful at outfit posts! Im sorry I promise I will get back to the usually routine from now on.  I was in St. George with the fam this past weekend and it was just what i needed, a relaxing trip in the sun with nothing to worry about.  Summer always gets a little crazy with trips and holidays and everything else but that's why I love it!  Im sorry for the quick post today but we are painting Hanes' room, the results will be up soon! Hopefully it ends up looking how it looks in my head!  

tank: H&M
cardigan: New York & Company
shorts: DIY from hubby's pants
shoes: ALDO
belt: Urban Outfitters
bracelets: H&M 
necklace: Charlotte Russe
glasses: forever21


  1. First off, I would just like to say you are so gorgeous! I wish I could look like you and your family is adorable!
    Anyways I'm 19, and I came across your blog through pintrest and I watched your hair turtorial. (which helped me a lot!!!!!!) During the video you said you only wash your hair every 4 days. How do you do that? I try to just go every other day and my hair gets so oily. Please tell me what to do so I can get hair like you!! Because it is absolutely beautiful!
    Thanks you!!


  2. Thank yo so much Danielle! I actually just wrote a little thing on that under the comments on the Hair Tutorial post! Check it out and let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks for following!!

  3. Hey Cara.
    I came across your blog on pinterest and have been looking through everything all day and I'm officially obsessed! I love everything you do on here! It helps a lot. :)
    But I was wondering if you had a tutorial on how to make your DIY shorts? They are so adorable and would love to know how to make them myself!

  4. Dito on the shorts tutorial! They're friggen cute! I just love the way they look-so chill and comfy plus cute. And how great it that! Thanks for all your posts! I'm loving them!

  5. Cara, these types of affordable outfit posts are the reason I started following your blog! If I saw more of these I'd definitely be staying a follower! I wish the best to you and your family, its been amazing to watch your blog grow into the success it is today.