button it up

Hanes and I had a very busy day running errands everywhere.  I kinda feel like a mean mommy when I do that but he was so good all day that it made it that much easier and quicker.  He got some toys out of it too so that's always fun.  If I am already giving into his cute face I can only imagine what's going to happen when he is older and can beg for things! Let's just say I'm in for it.  This button up I am wearing is a couple years old but it is still my favorite and a usual go to shirt.  And yes I wear these shorts often but they are amazing!!! They are comfy, easy, and can get a little dirty from Hanes and it doesn't matter.  I definitely need to make a new pair.

  shirt: JMR
shorts: DIY hubbies old pants
shoes: Diesel 
watch: New York & Company
glasses: forever21

Here a pic of my cute boy at daddies game last night. Love him!