Ok ladies let's talk hair extensions.  I have had a lot of questions on my extension, what type, how I like them, how often I wear them, and etc.! So I have clip in extensions and I wear them sometimes and I don't wear them sometimes.  They are about the same length as my hair so it's just if I'm in the mood or not.  I would never get beads or tape or any of those extensions for me because I like to pull my hair up too often and I think they would bug me. Now that's my personal preference.  For some reason I like to wear extensions when I haven't washed my hair in a couple days because I feel like it makes it so that you don't have to wash your hair as often, or fix it. That may seem crazy to you but for some reason it works for me.  I really don't have that much experience with them so I am probably not the best person to ask but I do like the ones that I have.  I have heard if you wear them everyday and style them everyday and all that jazz you are supposed to buy new ones every 6 months.  Now I don't do all that as often so I think mine will last me like a year or so.  I really do love having them to put in sometimes because it kind of amps up your whole look.  I try to wear them if we are going out or whatever and I try to wear them in pictures.  If Im just doing my daily errands and everything I usually don't wear them because it isn't that noticeable in my hair when I do or don't. If you get quick at good at putting them in they really only take like two minutes so I think you could wear them constantly if you felt like you needed to.  Anyways I'm just blabbing on and your probably all bored by now!

Here are the extensions I buy
Sally's Beauty 
They are called Euronext and I get the 18"
(make sure the hair is real hair!)

Here is a picture without them....  
and here is a picture with...

Soo really it's not that much of a difference in my hair except for of course it's a little more full which is always lovely and gives it that inch or two that make all the difference! But you never know what they can do for you until you try them!  They still make it so you don't have to wash your hair as often which always helps!!! haha
It doesn't hurt to try them if you have been considering it, they are a fun little addition and can spice things up a little! 
I hope this helped everyone and if you have more questions please ask away!