Hair Talk....Blonde Ombre

Ok so I have been considering this blonde ombre for a while now! I was talking to some of my girl friends today and they think I should do it.  I want to but of course I am a little scared.  Hair is a big deal for me and changing it is a little nerve racking of course.  Here is the pic that I am thinking I want to do it like.  I love that it looks a little dirty, I know that sounds weird but that's totally my style. I think I would have a little bit more blonde in the bottom but I really do love the color combo.    
Sooo ladies, I want some opinions, tell me what you think! 
p.s. I could totally do her eyebrows too haha
They grow like tumble weeds.  I literally have to pluck them everyday! 

Anyways here's another that's gorg 

and finally this is a little too dark, but it is amazing!!!

Give me your opinions ladies......let's talk hair