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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy 4th!
Thursday, July 05, 2012 11 Comments Images

Ok it's decided.....July 4th may be my favorite holiday! It's like a full day of just partying, who wouldn't love that!? We got to start the day off by going to the blazing hot parade (which was actually fun because of Hanes), then got to stuff our faces at two different BBQ's, and of course the fireworks.  Poor little Hanes didn't get a real nap the entire day but he was amazing.  He was the happiest little guy around town.  He loved the fireworks.....well for the first 5 minutes, then he was a little bored and just wanted to play.  For some reason sitting there last night watching him watch the fireworks really got to me, I love this little guy more than the world and I am the luckiest mommy in the entire world to have him in my life.  He will never understand how much his mommy and daddy love him!  I hope everyone had an amazing 4th! I am already looking forward to next year!

p.s. here's a butt load of pics for you to get bored looking through haha

We went the night before the 4th to fireworks with our friends!
Here are a few pics of that!

Thee actual 4th...
Watching the parade

Him loves his aunt Lex so much

Later that night at the Fireworks....
He sure loves grandpa
 Teasing grandpa and daddy

 big cous Knox
 My best friend since Junior High and we're still kickin.
The boys are fightin for the basketball of course
 Love these two
 The boys with their daddies
 and of course the mommies
 We had to get the classic girls pic
So concentrated on the fireworks

 My Fam

Happy 4th from the VB's 


  1. im adoring your blog! so happy i found it! tried the wavy hair tutorial and i think im not being patient enough or my hair isnt quite long enough as its just past my shoulders. but im determined to try again! LOL its so easy! also, the oil is hard to gage on amt to use. im trying to perfect the amt as using too much is a disaster! loving the blog!

  2. I found your blog through Pinterest with your wavy hair tutorial! I've done it twice already and love it! Thank you! My hair is a little past my shoulders so it takes me longer to wrap it (without burning myself ha) but hopefully it will be easier once my hair grows more! Also, I wanted to say how beautiful your family is!! You are gorgeous and your little man is sooo precious!! I'm 21 and I can only hope to have a family as beautiful as yours some day! :)

  3. I love your pictures! And I love your hair!

  4. Found your blog through pinterest! now i love your hair too...but i also love how you do your makeup! any chance you could do a makeup tutorial or show us your 'must-have' products? thanks!

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  6. Caraloren you are so cute! Your family is adorable! Love your style and hair and make-up! Your blog is awesome! :)

  7. You and your family are amazing and absolutely gorgeous! Love your blog and will be coming back often to check in :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  8. Just found your blog through the knot tutorial on pinterest and I'm so happy that I kept scrolling down to your post about the 4th! It was our little girl's first 4th and I thought for sure she was going to scream when she heard the fireworks but she was absolutely enamored! I felt the same just looking at her thinking, "I love this little girl so much." Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to continue browsing your blog!