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Monday, July 02, 2012

Links on how to FOLLOW ME anytime
Monday, July 02, 2012 6 Comments Images

Ok so I have to write a post telling all my followers how much i love you! I got tons of emails and followers yesterday that were so sweet about my blog.  I love hearing from people that like my blog, it makes me want to continue CaraLoren' and build onto it and expand.  I got a lot of suggestions on what else people want to see and hear on posts and I love that!   
I also got a lot of questions about my FACEBOOK, PINTERST, and INSTAGRAM. 
I tried to make new little things on my blog like pages and such that would send you right to the links of how to follow me.  I also had some ask about if I have a page on facebook which I have decided to add. This way you can like my page on facebook and it will give you all the updates on my blog.
The link to my page on FACEBOOK is:
The link to my PINTEREST is:
and you can follow me on INSTAGRAM @ 
What a surprise.....they are all CaraLoren haha
Anyways, thank you all for following and commenting and please keep it up! I love it!

p.s. Look at this boys eyes, what a lucky little man.
He will for sure be getting all the ladies!


  1. Why can't I figure out how to follow your blog!! Your follow button is no where to be found!!

  2. Sorry we were having a little technical difficulty haha but it's back up on the left side!

  3. I LOVE your blog! Pssh and your hair? Please girl I'd die for it! I am due with a little boy in November and I only hope to be as cute and hip as you!

  4. I just discovered your blog, and I am in love with it. Your family is just beyond precious, and I am obsessed with your hair. I have naturally straight hair (trust me, its not always nice having straight hair, it doesn't hold anything without bottles and bottles of hair spray) and sometimes I curl my hair with a curling rod. The problem is, my curls don't fall in the right spots like yours, so i'm pretty sure its your hair cut. SO, I was wondering what you tell your hair stylist when you get your hair cut. Do you have layers in the front? Stuff like that :). Thanks so much, you're UH-mazing!!

  5. I also just found your blog.. from pinterest of course! You are SO cute, as is your little family! It's always fun to find another fashion blog, especially the LDS variety ;) We live in Orem, but are in Houston for the summer. I'm definitely going to find a way to copy your awesome hair =)


  6. Love love your blog! Too cute! My hair looks a lot like yours!