Links on how to FOLLOW ME anytime

Ok so I have to write a post telling all my followers how much i love you! I got tons of emails and followers yesterday that were so sweet about my blog.  I love hearing from people that like my blog, it makes me want to continue CaraLoren' and build onto it and expand.  I got a lot of suggestions on what else people want to see and hear on posts and I love that!   
I also got a lot of questions about my FACEBOOK, PINTERST, and INSTAGRAM. 
I tried to make new little things on my blog like pages and such that would send you right to the links of how to follow me.  I also had some ask about if I have a page on facebook which I have decided to add. This way you can like my page on facebook and it will give you all the updates on my blog.
The link to my page on FACEBOOK is:
The link to my PINTEREST is:
and you can follow me on INSTAGRAM @ 
What a surprise.....they are all CaraLoren haha
Anyways, thank you all for following and commenting and please keep it up! I love it!

p.s. Look at this boys eyes, what a lucky little man.
He will for sure be getting all the ladies!