Makeup Tutorial

I am thrilled to say that I guest posted today on Saving Money Living Life!!!
Make sure you check them out and check out their blog, they give you multiple ways to save money and have fun while doing it! It's amazing, and so interesting.  I would have never thought of all the things they do. They also feature discounts on things all the time which who doesn't want that!  Make sure you take advantage of this amazing blog! 

Here we go ladies...the Fresh Summer Makeup Tutorial.  
I tried to show you that there really are products that you can use that are cheap and still good!  I hope you love them all as much as I do! This tutorial is a full makeup look, but remember you can always minus steps some days to simplify it even more. For example don't do foundation one day if you don't need it, or minus the eyeshadow if your a hurry.  Less is more! I hope you all like it, and I hope it helps! 
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you can also find video here

Translucent Powder
Warmth Bronzer
Summer Seduction Eyeshadow Pallet
Gel Eyeliner
CoverGirl Mascara
Express Lip Gloss

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