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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giveaway Winner + Jazie Oxford
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 15 Comments Images

Ok you lovely followers I need your help.  I want to add in some other fun things every once in a while on CaraLoren' and want your opinions! I have had some comments and emails of people wanting to see; outfit posts for Hanes, more tutorials, different hair style ideas, things like forever21 or H&M finds, or whatever else! I hope you are all continuing to like my outfit post because they will of course continue to come, but every once in a while I would like to add in some other fun subjects that you would be interested in! I love you all and want you to enjoy reading CaraLoren'!   
(winner of the Holly Lauren bracelet is at the bottom)
shirt (old): forever21 similar here
boyfriend jeans: forever21
still in store, but can't find them online
hat (old): Express similar here
shoes: Steve Madden
glasses: Jessica Simpson similar here
bracelets: c/o Bip & Bop

and the winner of the Holly Lauren bracelet is......
(chosen from random number generator)

Jennifer Lauren

I follow you, Miss Cara, on FB and I have to win this bracelet! I was totally thinking yesterday, "I hope this bracelet is what she is planning for the giveaway! jlspears41@yahoo.com

email me at caralorenblog@gmail.com and we will get that bracelet right to you!


  1. I'm always down for makeup & hair tutorials :) Or reviews on products you can get to easily. Like, "Favorite Target Finds" or something. :)
    Eat Cake

  2. Well, all your posts are great, but maybe some more hair tutorials? Although my own little guy is 6 now, it would be adorable to see some outfits on Hanes! I know as a new mom, I would have loved to see more ideas on clothes to dress him. Oh, and I love the comment above about "Favorite Target Finds." :-)

  3. Makeup and hair tutorials are a big plus!I loved learning how to do the top knot and how to do the scarf. Your tutorials are super easy to follow and you are very good at explaining how to do things :)

  4. I love your makeup tutorial. Curious to if you ever use other make up other than Revlon colorstay or different eye shadows, tutorials for that would be great! DEFINITELY more hair tutorial would be fab!

  5. I would love to see some info on your fitness routine, and how you got in such great shape after having a baby! How do you fit it into your schedule/etc...
    I've got a 10 week old at home, and while I love fashion, I am feeling the need to get into shape again before buying fall clothes!

  6. I love all your outfit posts. As far as mixing up your posts I think more tutorials would be great. And as a young mom like yourself with a baby around Hanes age I would love outfit posts on him. Do you ever match with him? I love matching my baby

  7. Hey maybe a Q & A would be good? You could get people to post questions and then do a link answering them.
    I'm interested to know more about your faith? I've been enjoying reading on the wiegands blog page about her faith, I find it really uplifiting and inspiring. Also in the back grounds it looks like your have a lovely home, its always fun to see room tours, or house tours. Or as a young mum too, more about your life about being a mum . I bet you have a lot of mums following you
    Rach from nz xoxo

  8. do you do anything with your eyebrows to make them look so well defined and shaped?

  9. i would love posts like great pieces under 40 dollars, DIY tutorials, or even easy nutritious recipes! I love your outfit posts, maybe you could do inspired by, where you take a more expensive look from a celeb or something and break it down for easy to find and less expensive pieces!

  10. you're looking awesome ! I love your hair ;)
    I just found your blog so I have no ideas for you..


  11. I think a Q&A post would be fun, more make up and hair tutorials would be great and maybe advice/suggestions about your eyelashes and (clip in) extensions if you use them, love your outfit posts! Your blog is great! Always look forward to your posts! ♥

  12. I would love to see a shoe collection, you have THE best shoes!! Love your blog, keep it up girl! :)