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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jewelry Time
Thursday, August 23, 2012 9 Comments Images

For some reason I have always seemed to have a really hard time organizing all my jewelry.  I hated it when it was just in drawers or shoved in a jewelry box.  I want to see it all and really be able to accessorize every outfit perfectly!  I felt like when it was shoved in little places I would wear something for a couple weeks and then just forget about it! and jeez then you end up buying a new thing that looks just like something you already have and that always ticks me right off!
I have been working on this little jewelry corner for a while now and keep finding new little treasures to add to it.  I hope you all enjoy my corner and it inspires you to get creative with your jewels! 
rhinestone necklace: c/o Holly Lauren
arrow arm candy (on the neck of the mannequin): c/o Tripp Boutique 
(you will see this in a post very soon!) 
initialed and bow arm candy: c/o Bip & Bop
SunRay necklace (in little silver cup): c/o Cheerfully Charmed
My rings go in that little cow!! Fun huh! 
Orange Droplet Necklace (around vase): c/o Cheerfully Charmed
interchangeable bracelets: c/o bcharmed
swarovski bracelet: c/o bcharmed
simple charm bracelet: c/o bcharmed
key bracelet: c/o bcharmed
 dotted headpiece: c/o Tripp Boutique
you will also see this ring soon from Tripp Boutique which I'm in love with
glass head: Pier 1
 silhouette necklace (around the silver bracelet holder): c/o Crafted by Kerstin 
p.s. that is Hanes' actual profile! Isn't that too cute!! Im obsessed! 
 Turquoise beaded necklace (around candle): c/o bcharmed 
key earrings: c/o HASinspiration 
 Turquoise Bubble Bib necklace: c/o Cheerfully Charmed
White Adorned Bib necklace (in front of book): c/o Cheerfully Charmed
pearl necklace: c/o bcharmed
long charm necklaces: c/o bcharmed
Hope you enjoy!!! 


  1. LOVE! I like how you put LC's book amidst your jewels..very clever. Another good idea I did is using antique teacups and saucers (idea from pinterest).

  2. That looks awesome! It looks like a boutique!!! :) xoxo

  3. That is such a cute set up!!


  4. Very nice- I'm also a lack-luster (unmotivated) jewelry organizer- thanks for some ideas!
    Eat Cake

  5. That is such a cute and clever way to display your jewelry :-)

    Dainty and Decadent

  6. I love that! I did something similar on one of the shelves in my closet. It really makes it feel so glamorous and makes getting ready fun :)

  7. Love the way you organized your baubles! Great blog, so glad I came across it! xo

    Ali B.



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