Boho/Rocker Waves Tutorial

So I am going to start this post by saying I'm sorry this tutorial took me so long to get up! For some reason it is so hard for me to find the time to sit down and record myself getting ready haha But anyways, for all of you that have asked, here is the boho/rocker waves tutorial! I'm sure that many
 of you already do this to your hair so this is going to just be a little refresher for you! I hope you all 
enjoy, and please ignore my awkwardness because i still feel really funny in front of a camera you can tell! oh and don't mind my awful thumbnail, I don't know why but that always seems happens to me!  

Here are a couple examples of how I wore this hair do  
These next pics are of my hair a couple days after doing this hairstyle, still just messy and fun

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