Lets Get Real

So I know this isn't a usual thing for me to just sit and blab on and talk about my feeling but I just felt like I had to today.  I am going to be honest with all of you right now and tell you that I often ask myself what I am doing with the whole blog thing.  Why would I continue to do this if it ever stresses me out or gives me anxiety??? Well the answer is......I do it because I sincerely love fashion and inspiring others and let's be honest I like showing my two cute boys off!!  Fashion inspires me in so many different ways and helps me express myself everyday, what I wear is how I'm feeling!  Fashion may seem silly to others, but to me it means so much more than putting something on each day.

I know that there are so many people that just don't understand and probably never will, but that's ok.  If you don't follow other fashion blogs, or lifestyle blogs or whatever else you can think of you're probably like what the crap is she doing, and I understand that.  I don't do it because I think I'm super cool, or because it makes me a little extra money (even though that doesn't hurt when you have a shopping addiction), or because I get cool little goodies in the mail (which what girl wouldn't love).  I do it because I am passionate about it and I think everyone needs something to be passionate about.  It means something to me and it gives me something that I have just for myself again.  

I know I may come across super confident and never let anything bother me but that's not true, I'm human too, I have feelings too. But for every sweet, loving, comment or email or girls coming up to me telling me they follow CaraLoren' that I get, it reminds me why I do this and I why I love it so much.  I figure hey if I have some haters, I have made it haha and I can take haters all day when I get those sweet little emails that tell me that I have inspired someone to do what they love or care more about themselves.
To pretty much sum this whole blabbering up, I love being passionate about this silly little blog and I'm proud of it! But most of all I thank every last one of you for the sweet comments and love, you keep me going!!