Hanes is 1 +(brickyard buffalo giveaway winner)

It was quite the weekend in the VB household!  This little guy had his 1 year birthday and man is he loved!  We had a monster party which was pretty fitting for this guy and I could tell he loved every minute of the craziness.  Hanes is an attention bug and can't get enough of it....good thing we have some loving friends and fam to take care of his needs!  
On the party side of the day let's just say I should not have tried to make everything on my own for the party haha Next year I may consider getting the cake made instead of slaving over these monster cupcakes and cake on my own the night before the party! My fingers were stained purple all weekend!  I am definitely not a crafter but I sure gave it my all with all these little monster things!  The funniest thing about the whole day is who cares about all the silliness and cake and crafts and whatnot, the most important part was spending the entire day with my bug and having him yell mommy across the room to give me kisses.  I just cant get enough of those open mouth slobbery kisses!
I had so many different emotions going on the entire day! I was so excited to see my baby boy turning 1, but so sad at the same time!  I have said it time and time again but time goes by way to fast and I am definitely going to cherish this year of being 1! 
I love you Hanes Brody Van Brocklin! 
(p.s sorry for the picture overload)  

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