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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Little Pattern
Friday, December 28, 2012 33 Comments Images

I'm wearing a few of my favorite things in this post so I thought I would just tell you a little bit about them.  To begin I have to give the hubs some major credit because look at these amazing boots he picked out for me for Christmas! I am in love, he knows me oh to well! They are the perfect grungy boots that I have needed in my closet! I can't forget Hanes' new leggings from Little Four Clothing! Cutest things ever and so comfy, I have a hard time not putting him in leggings everyday! Oh and I got a new pair of high waisted jeans that I am in love with and they are actually on sale right now so make sure you take a look! Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I still have a disaster of a house to pick up from Christmas so I know I will be busy! I am one of those people that like to keep all the Christmas presents and decor around the house for the following week so let's just say it's a disaster!
p.s. I know many of you said you wanted to see The Daily Dish segment from yesterday! Once I can get the link to it I will post!
**Make sure you check out the winners of the NuMe haircare at the bottom!
sweater: c/o PB&J Boutique 
boots: Steve Madden (surprise gift from the hubby)
 (not yet online)
hair bow: Forever21
necklace: c/o The Oxford Trunk
earrings: c/o Bip & Bop

Hanes' outfit:
leggings: c/o Little Four Clothing 
top: Gap
moccs: c/o Freshly Picked
hat: Pro Image 

the winners of the NuMe Haircare giveaway are.....

Lady B.
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  1. Cara, those boots are fantastic! What is the style name? Thanks!

  2. Oh gosh! I love your hair and bow and clothes :)
    Cute photos!!


  3. Obsessed with your hair!


  4. LOVE the pants.
    both yours and Hanes' :)

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  5. Love the sweater and those boots!! Super cute!

    Emily Beth @ Inspired Attire

  6. LOVE the bow... I NEED ONE! super cute outfit. Hope y' all had a fabulous Christmas!

    xo, Kelsey Belle


  7. I'm smitten over your new boots. Great choice hubby! ;)

    Also, bummed I did win!! ;P I hope you have another contest like this soon. ;)

  8. I always show my hair dresser your lovely locks! Great outfit
    XoXo hahndynasty.blogspot.com

  9. LOVE those boots! Your hubby did so good!

    Do you know the style name? I would love to keep an eye out for them.

  10. Wow, he did super good on those boots!

  11. Another winner! You have such a cute, distinct style, Cara -- and I just love the hair bow. So sweet.

  12. Your little man is way to adorable I am loving his leggings!

    - Crystal

  13. Looovve the boots so much and you cardigan :) The baby looks SO cute. Love his flat bill! Haha!

    xo Ashley

  14. What an absolutely stunning mama you are! Someday I'm going to attempt your hair tutorial. What I would do for a private lesson!!! So glad to now be following your lovely space via GFC. All the best (and awesome boots!) - Monica

  15. you guys are too cute! i just bought that top for my little guy too!

  16. you guys are too cute! i just bought that top for my little guy too!

  17. I love the bow in your hair! Darling!


  18. You look gorgeous! I am in love with those boots!! Smart hubby you have! : )

  19. Your boots are nice, and Hane is just adorable.

  20. Love your hair and those boots are lovely!

  21. please tell us the style name of the boot! I LOVE!!

    1. i don't know the name :( my husband gave them to me for Christmas and took them out of the box and I can't find them online yet, sorry! I know they had them in the steve Madden store!

  22. I emailed steve madden trying to figure the style name but they couldn't find it. What steve madden store did he get those at? I'm going crazy trying to find those boots

  23. I emailed steve madden trying to find the name but they couldn't find it. Do you know what steve madden store he got them at, to try and call and see. I'm going crazy over these boots !!

    1. Hey there! He got them from the City Creek Steve Madden in Salt Lake! They were the main display pair and were brand new. They are different than all my other Steve Maddens, they are European sizes, don't say the name inside (like my others), and have like a red velvet lining inside. They might be limited edition?? I'm not sure? I hope this helps!

  24. The boots are not online - go figure...!!! :| But I went to the store anyway and there they were!! They have it in this greenish beige that Cara is wearing, but also in chocolate brown and black, all with the orange laces and distressed look. Fun fact: the sides of the panel covering the boots are wired - therefore you can play with the flaps and make them stay in one position (for example, if you want a more ample opening or if you want to create a wave at the bottom - not sure you're picturing, but it's genious really...!)

    They only had 1 pair of the beige ones left - turns out it was my size! YAY!!!

    I'd suggest you go to the store and ask for them directly - the clerk was really accomodating when I thought they didn't have them and suggested she ordered them for me directly although they don't show up online for us regular boot-lovers.

    Best of luck! :)

  25. Anonymous--

    Could you tell me anything more about the boots--name or style number? I don't live anywhere near Utah and my Steve Madden store did not have these. I would love to be able to find some.
    nicolespath at gmail dot com


  26. Anonymous- what was the style name?

  27. Cara- do the boots run true to size?