Beach Curls Tutorial

Here is the post (in case you missed it) about how to get the beachy curls that was on Casey Leigh's blog last week!!  Hope you enjoy!
Well hello gals!! It is tutorial time and I decided to go with my most requested hairdo right now and it is the beachy curls!  They are so quick and easy and I am hoping you guys love them as much as I do. It may take some time to embrace the messiness of them but I promise you will love! They also look really fun a few days later in a top knot and give your knot the fullness and messiness that we all love!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and my little helper in the beginning!!

To give you a little recap in-case you couldn't understand me sometimes, which I'm sorry I am a little bit of a mumbler!  

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Love you all and hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!!!

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