New Years Resolution

Yes gals......I am going to do it this year, I am making a resolution!  I feel like the hardest thing for me in 2012 was eating healthy and getting all the nutrition I need, I want to fix that this year! Being a mom makes it a little difficult to have time to make 3 healthy meals everyday, I feel like I can usually fit one healthy/protein filled meal in a day but the other two meals are normally shot!  So what I have been searching for is the perfect and quick protein shake that actually fills me up while still being really healthy for me! Most of the shakes I have tried in the past I am hungry an hour later and end up eating junk so it is a complete waist. Well I think I have found my solution and it is the Body By Vi Nutritional Balance Shakes.  I just started them about a week ago and I am in love with them! What I am doing is taking 1 shake a day which replaces 1 meal and making sure my other meals are protein filled and good for me.  I like doing this for breakfast or lunch because I feel like I never eat breakfast and if I do it's a sugary one.  The best part about the shakes is that the entire bag is only $50 which is a lot cheaper than some of the other shakes I have tried!  I actually am saving money each month on my food which has been a bonus!  I am already feeling so much better and I also feel like I have more energy to chase around little Hanes!
Now I am doing these shakes to get all my nutrients in everyday and to be more healthy, my sister is also trying this out but she is doing another version.  She just a baby about 3 months ago and wanted something to help her loose those extra pounds and still be healthy and energized while doing it.  She decided she wanted to try the entire Body By Vi Transformation Kit which is a weight loss program that includes shakes, metabolism boosters, and much more! If you are interested in doing the entire Transformation Kit I would watch this video to give you a little more information.  She started the kit before I did and she said she has never felt better! 

Here is the nutritional shake mix that I use:

My favorite mix ins are.... (it tastes divine!!)

Here is what the Transformation Kit looks like (my sister is using)

I am determined to eat healthier and I can't wait to continue using these shakes!  This is just what i have decided to do so I wanted to share with all of you who asked, I am not a nutrition or health specialist so please remember that! What are your New Years resolutions!?
If you want to order the shakes or any other packages you can click here or click the sponsor button on my blog labeled Body By Vi!
Happy New Year!!!
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another p.p.s.
If you live in Utah you should go to one of the 2 Resolution Rallies this Saturday.  In Ogden & Orem.  You will be able to try many of the products, and learn more about the program.  Visalus is also announcing the largest consumer weight loss offer in history which equals savings!
-if you can go RSVP to Amber Olsen at 801-791-9903