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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 24 Comments Images

Yes....I am wearing my distressed jeans again, they are my go to for the moment!  We all have those certain clothing items that if you are in a hurry or stumped with what you wear you immediately put them on, well these are them at the moment. And for Hanes these leggings are them as well! Yep gals, you got our go to's for the day, hope you like!
jacket: Gap
top: Cotton On
pants: Old (DIY distressed) 
scarf: c/o Nathalie a sweet follower (palmasoho.com)
shoes: Forever21
gloves: Gap
beanie: Target (mens)

Hanes' outfit:
tee: H&M
jacket: Old Navy
leggings: walmart
shoes: c/o Freshly Picked 
beanie: American Apparel


  1. ooo, cute scarf!

    xo - heather

  2. Love the jeans girl! And the scarf! Great outfit

    xo Emily Beth @ Inspired Attire

  3. I love your beanie. It's so cute!!!
    I never thought to check the men's section.


  4. Seriously girl, how do you do it?

    I've never seen so many items from Gap I actually *like* until I started following your blog. (And I used to work there!) Awesome! :)

  5. Adorable!


  6. Love both of your go to's! The bright yellow hat makes me think spring - oh how I love that!


  7. I love the pants and the shoes!! You have such lovely style. xx. McKenna Lou

  8. Love this! Such cute outfits.

  9. Love this!! I have been trying and trying to find those leggings at Walmart! Do you know if you can get them online? Also are they in the little girls section or like the baby girls? Thanks so much!! :) :)

  10. Love the distressed jeans! They fit you so well! Do you know the brand?

    Also, hope you'll stop by and check out my DaisyGem Giveaway!

  11. So cute!! :)

    XOXO, Mariah


  12. Love this look, your hair, hat and scarf and divine!

  13. is this jacket still at gap? I could not find it online.

  14. I totally love this outfit!! It is so comfy and casual yet you look put together and amazing!! You are such an adorable mom.

    XO Jenna

  15. love the mustard beanie! my black jeggings are my go to all the time!


  16. I have totally figured out who you look like!! Julianne Hough! Whenever I read your posts I am always trying to figure out who you look like and now I got it. lol! My pregnancy brain is getting the best of me these days...

  17. I love your scarf and shoes.

  18. Need that beanie! Boxing day wishlist <3

  19. I just love your hair! so beautiful. I have really long hair too and am enjoying playing with it. I saw your hair tutorial on Caseys site. I was curious, is your hair naturally curly? the curling product you used looks awesome.. but wasnt sure if it work on someone with naturally straight hair. Let me know :) - also where on earth do you find it?! looked at target today and could not find it.


    www.dreawood.com - theres a pic of my hair on my blog in the 1st post. I have always just used my straightening to curl it.. sounds weird but it gives real long loose curls too.

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