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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Little Peanut Photoshoot
Thursday, January 17, 2013 26 Comments Images

Prepare yourself for one of the cutest sites you ever did see!! I had the amazing opportunity to style this little shoot of pure dolls, I still can't get over how cute they all are! I was honored to work with the darling Sweet Little Peanut! You will fall in love with her site instantly! It was so much fun to dress these cuties and see their little personalities shine right through the clothes.  I still can't believe how much cuteness is going on here. 
Also you have to meet the genius Brooke Davis the photographer behind the shoot who owns Blush By B photography, you will be blown away!
I knew I wanted to put Bennett in some sort of a leggings because I believe leggings are perfect for baby boys as well as girls, they are so comfy and versatile.  My favorite thing to pair with leggings on little boys is over-sized shirts and this denim one was just what I wanted.  Oh my goodness and of course we had to put him in the perfect elk hide moccasins from Freshly Picked. They are a must if you have a little one. Add a couple winter accessories to keep little man warm and he set for any adventure.  
top, leggings: Gap
The look wouldn't have been complete without a pop of leopard on Hudsyn.  Leopards is always the answer to spicing up an outfit.  And who could forget about the gold band jacket from Gap, amazing right!! Give me now, I would wear this everyday! The petite gold flats from Old Navy were the stylish little walking shoes that Hudsyn needed to finish this fabulous look. 
jacket, dress, tights: Gap
shoes: Old Navy
I knew Hanes had to wear this jacket, the leather made it a given.  The denim and leather combo was pure perfection on my little man and the cropped vest was the perfect touch.  The details on the chino pants are what got me, from the zipper to the button pockets and the suspenders, they were an obvious choice for my stud muffin. 
blazer, vest, & pants: Aven Clothing
shoes: Converse
Okay seriously this perfect little bow dress could not be any cuter on Perry.  I knew it was a must from Zara the second I saw it, and to make it even better it's the color of the season.  And yes another perfect coat from Zara but I just couldn't help it.  Adult clothes on little ones make me melt.  To finish off the look I threw on some nautical striped tights from Gap and there ya have it, a bundle of cuteness.   
dress, jacket: Zara
Billy had the just the right amount of spunk for this outfit, the plaid jacket couldn't have fit his personality any better.  I loved the contrast of the materials and textures that Aven Clothing offered and I feel it made a perfect classic/punk look.  Everything from the pocket on his shirt to the skinnyness of his pants. 
blazer, shirt, pants: Aven Clothing 
This little Zara coat was so dreamy and I knew it had to be worn by the little Aspen.  Peacoats are so in this season and itty bitty ones are even cuter. And what does every girl need in her closet? Of course a little sequins, these sequin leggings were to die for and I wish they had them in my size.  Pair this perfect Ivory sweater from Gap with them and she looked so chic.  Flats are also so fashionable and I know they will be a hit this upcoming spring, we brought them out a little early so you could see how feminine and darling they are with just about anything.  
coat, leggings, shoes: Zara
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  1. So cute!! I can't even handle it!
    -Adrienne. xo


  2. This is beyond ridiculously cute!! The first pic with all the kids...Bennett...his face!!!! OH MY GOSH! Seriously, I adore Zara for kiddos! They all looking amazing!


  3. Oh my goodness those kids are way too cute!


  4. cuties babies EVER! AHHHHHHHHH they all look so good!

  5. Seeing kids as cute as this makes me want to have one!! xx. McKenna Lou

  6. oh my! too cute! adorable babies



  8. So cute!! How old is your little guy? My first baby on the way is a boy, and I love to see the outfits you put on Hanes. ;)

  9. Ohhh my gosh!! So cute! :)

    XOXO, Mariah


  10. Such cute outfits! You are a woman of inspiration Cara!

  11. Omg cuteness overload! This is not helping my baby fever... hehe

  12. Wow this is so much yummyness in one post the littles are way to cute for words. Great job styling.

  13. These are THE cutest kids I've ever seen! And this pictures are breathtaking :)

  14. Wow.... Billy's hair is soooooo long now =))) Brook's works are seriously mind-blowing!!! She's fantastic!!

  15. that is sooooo cute. the striped leggings and moccs are my fave.

  16. This is so precious I'm currently at a loss for words- AH!

    xo Marisa

  17. Where do we see the winner of the ILY couture giveaway?

  18. Hey Cara! I clicked on the link at the bottom of your last page which took me here but I can't seem to find the winner of the ilycouture giveaway on here. Could you please direct me to the result?

    Thank you!! Love reading your blog and these are just the most precious pictures of Hanes and all his little friends.


    1. I think she accidentally posted the wrong link. I've noticed she posts the winner to the giveaways on the post that stated the giveaway (does that make sense?)
      Anywhoooo! I found it here http://www.caraloren.com/2013/01/ily-couture-giveaway.html :)I hope that helps!

  19. Love your style!
    What do you use in Hane's hair? I have a one year old with longer hair and have a hard time making a mohawk.