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I seriously can't get over how freaking cute little man is lately! And yes I know I'm biased but don't you just want to squeeze and kiss those little cheeks, they are so perfectly puffy I swear he could be mistaken for a chipmunk if he wanted haha I was the exact same way!! My husband still calls me chipmunk from seeing my baby pictures, too bad mine didn't go away haha 
Oh and you see this fly get up he has on here, it's Little Vida and it is perfection! Their clothes are like a mamas dream!  
p.s. Use code CARA to get 15% off all purchases at Little Vida
 jacket: c/o Windsor
top: c/o Windsor
pants: Cotton On similar here
shoes: c/o Windsor
purse: c/o Tailor & Stylist
necklace & bracelet: c/o Windsor
gold ring: c/o The Altered Chain
heart ring: c/o T&J Designs
sunglasses: c/o Windsor

Hanes' outfit:
sweater: c/o Little Vida
jeans: Gap
shoes: c/o Little Vida

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