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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hippyish & Hanes' Mishap
Friday, March 15, 2013 30 Comments Images

Well we have had quite the week to put it nicely haha A couple days ago Hanes fell in the tub and it did not turn out pretty.  He ended up chipping his front tooth in half and cracking his other front tooth while cutting open his lip and bruising his chin.  Yep, I am the mom of the year.  It was so awful! I have never seen so much and blood and I was totally freaked! He was so tough and barely cried for a minute.  You can't see his chipped tooth because he has the biggest lips and you never see his top teeth but it's definitely there!  He looks like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber haha! We have to go back to the doctor and dentist in the next couple weeks to get him all fixed up.  He is one tough cookie and I am one heart broken mama.  So needless to say this week has been rough! Hope we have a better weekend!!

 tee: H&M similar here
vest: c/o Head Over Heels
jeans: c/o Windsor
shoes: c/o Windsor
purse: c/o Windsor
glasses: c/o Windsor
necklaces: c/o Lisa Leonard here and here
earrings: c/o AndRuby
bracelet: c/o Apple of My Eye 
watch: c/o Windsor
pinky ring: c/o Ily Couture

Hanes' outfit:
top: c/o Au Natural Baby
jeans: Gap
moccs: c/o Freshly Picked


  1. Oh don't feel bad! I'm sure Hane knows you're a great momma and you didn't make him fall!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. so sorry for you and Hanes! What a little champ to hardly shed a tear. I can remember my oldest slipping in the tub as a toddler, the blood was everywhere. I was def more frieked than him! Love the hippie style, it's a fave of mine!

  3. Hanes is so adorable! My little guy is 4 and fell in the bathtub around the same age as Hanes and had to get sitches under his chin! Thank goodness for my husband because I was a mess even though my little guy was so brave! So from one mom to another, these things happen and I think with little adventurous boys, the may happen more often than we ever want them to. Love the outfits on both of you in today's post & hope your weekend is better than your week!

  4. Aww, poor baby Hanes!! But what a trooper!

  5. Oh poor little guy. My younger son fell and hit his head(on his eyebrow line) and had pretty bad gash. I am thinking about you both.

  6. this is one of my favorite outfit posts you have done! i adore white on white! sorry about your little man! it's always scary when accidents happen!


  7. Hi Cara,
    I feel for you and your boy. We have had a dental surgery with my little boy (17 months) . His teeth had a weak enamel and started to break :( but luckily the dentist was able to fix it and now he looks like he has a baby veneers.
    I am sure your boy's teeth will be fixed and will look beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.
    PS love the outfits.

  8. Oh no, poor like guy! Hopefully it will be easy enough to fix. He looks like he almost forgotten about it already, though :-)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  9. I hope this helps but I work in a dentist office and that happens all the time! So don't feel to bad. It is definatly normal for little cuties to have a mishap. Hanes is so cute he can get away with anything. :)


  10. So sorry for your baby! That is so sad!! But know, even the very best mommy's have "mom of the year" moments when we feel like we should have been able to prevent things. I know I have!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for him (and you!)

  11. Oh no! I would be freaked out too! Luckily with modern technology the dentist will fix his tooth back to normal then he'll loose it someday since it's his baby tooth. Good job staying calm! He still looks so happy!

  12. oh poor Hanesy!! I feel so sad for him! but he's so cute, and you look stunning!

  13. Poor baby boy, praying he gets all better and the sun shining here, down south, shines bright over your way for an awesome weekend!!!!


  14. Very pretty. Love the cream and white color combo. And, poor little Hanes. Glad he's okay... sounds very scary.

  15. Poor little man!! Hope he (and you) feels better, don't beat yourself up- it happens!

  16. Yikes!!! Super scary stuff!! I'm glad he's ok....
    on a happy note...you both look amazing, as always!
    -Adrienne. xo


  17. Hanes is so cute... poor guy. I guess that happens as they get older. I am starting to deal with accidents as my little one is 8 months. Love your outfits, always an inspiration.

    xoxo- Uyen

  18. Hanes is so cute...I feel like as they get older accidents are prone to happen. I feel that way with my 8 month old. He's so adventurous already!

    Love your outfits, such an inspiration and always love to see your total look.

  19. How did you get your hair so platinum blonde? I've taken your picture into my salon a million times and they can never get it that light!

  20. Poor Hanes! A chipped tooth is one of my fears as a mom! And, don't be hard on yourself. It could happen to anyone! It was probably more traumatic for you, and he won't even remember!

  21. I absolutely love this outfit. And your hair looks so pretty! I hope your baby boy gets better :)

  22. Glad to hear the baby's okay and good for him for being so tough. :)

    xo Ashley

  23. Aw poor thing, hopefully it can get fixed and he'll be okay! :)
    Love your bag!


  24. Poor kiddo! As always, adoring this look!

  25. You are so freekin' pretty and you have the cutest little boy ever!

  26. Poor baby Hanes!!! What a tough little guy! You look super tan here! Have you been in the sun? Or spraying?

  27. So gorgeous!! Can't wait for spring clothes!! And Cara are your lashes real???

  28. Love the hair and the outfit!! Everything is perfect as usual!!


  29. I just wanted to say that I totally sympathize with you regarding Hanes. When my daughter was 3 years old and we had just moved 3 days prior(new state, new town, that I had never been to or visited before). Well her and her 2 year old sister were playing tag and she banged her to front teeth on her bed and I thought they were gone but they were pushed completely backwards (I still get the shivers just thinking of it). So her I am with a crying 3 year old, a scared 2 year old and a three month infant in a town I don't know (or know anyone) trying to find a dentist. Oh what we Moms do. Long story short, we finally found a dentist, who simply pulled her teeth forward and said that if we had wait until the next day her teeth would have healed pointing back. But happily those teeth have been replaced by her permanent teeth and she has no damage. Although her face swelled up and she looked like a little monkey for a week, but got to eat all the ice pops she wanted (dentist orders) so she was happy. My point is stuff happens and we all get through it. Now all my daughter remembers is the ice pops.
    P.S. another beautiful post;-)