Well peeps this is gonna be quick, I have finals this week and as much as I love you all I have to graduate haha. This is a total chill outfit and exactly what we all need sometimes! A good pair of jeans, basic tee, and a go to jacket.  I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and know that all I want to do is search pinterest, online shop, and whatever else I want to do besides study on the computer tonight haha 
p.s. to see the Target giveaway winner go here
top: JCPenney similar
jacket: c/o Windsor
pants: c/o Piace Boutique (Free People)
sandals: c/o Windsor
hat: c/o Windsor
bracelet:  c/o Recherche
watch: c/o Windsor
earrings: c/o Recherche
leaf ring: c/o The Altered Chain
pinky rings: c/o The Altered Chain

Hanes' outfit:
top: Gap short sleeve here
pants: c/o Duke of London
shoes: Jordans similar and here
hat: Pro Image Sports

Okay so I also had to show you guys like AMAZING painting that my sponosr Axell's Kitchen painted for me!! I sent her one of my absolute favorite pictures from when I was pregnant with little Hanes and I was so excited to have her recreate it! I wish you could all see it in person because the intricacy in it is unreal!! I really look up to people that have the artsy touch and always wish I had it!! Thank you so much!!

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