Europe Part 2: Lake District to Scotland

Okay this is a bold statement but this may have been one of my favorite parts of the trip! These pictures don't do justice, the scenery is unreal in Lake District and Scotland! I had never seen anything like it in my life! We decided to rent a car and drive from London to Scotland and I'm so happy we did.....besides having to drive on the opposite side of the car and opposite side of the road haha My husband did all the driving since he lived in London for 2 years and I was terrified for my life! I wish I could put into words how amazing everything was but I think you would only understand if you have seen it for yourself! I mean look at those white wild horses down below, I swear they were unicorns haha Anyways Scotland was unreal, I would totally live there! I hope you can get a little glimpse of what I am talking about from these pics!
 it was slightly windy haha