Europe Part 3: Paris

Ahh Paris, the land of love!! There were so many things I loved about Paris! I felt like there was so much more to see but I loved the stuff we did see! My only complaint was that it was a little dirty.  That may sound weird but I just remember I kept thinking that.  I imagined it to be so immaculate and the sites and all that were but some things in between felt pretty dirty, well I guess it was mostly just the metro so that's probably normal! It was really easy to drown out the dirtiness there though because everything else was so unreal!!!!

I loved the lock bridge! I thought it was so romantic and one of the cutest things! I loved being able to share all these amazing memories with my best friend and man I love so much! Oh and it rained for a couple hours in the morning but besides that the weather was pretty much amazing the entire trip as you can tell in my pics.  Ahh and the Nutella/banana crepe was unreal!! I would seriously eat at least one everyday if I lived there haha Let's just say they would be good for my figure!!! Many of you will think I'm nuts but I would have to say Paris food was my fav out of everywhere. Everything that I ate was so unreal and left me wanting more!! Anyways Paris was gorg and as dreamy as can be, hope you like the pics!

 top: Zara
cardigan: New York & Company
pants: c/o Windsor
sandals: Birkenstocks

bon jour top: c/o Koo De Ker
shoes: Nike