Europe part 6: Rome

Kkk this is pretty ridiculous that I have let Europe drag on this long! Let's just say I'm trying to make this last forever so I don't forget it! Lucky for you this is the final part of the trip but it may have been my favorite! There was just so much to see in Rome, it  was unbelievable! It had every end of the spectrum from unreal shopping to the most amazing and oldest sites I have ever seen! Again, I'm sorry for dragging Europe out for what seems like forever but this is the last time you ever have to hear about it so I hope you liked it! And yes I know half these pictures are really cheesy but that's the fun of it right!?
Oh and a big congrats to my bro-in-law and soon to be sis-in-law that get married in the morning!! I'm sure I will post pics on instagram so make sure you follow!! 

p.s. to see The Impeccable Pig giveaway winner go HERE
I was pretty dang tired in the next pic from walking over 500 stairs.

 This graceful turning pic was not on purpose haha
And just for a little entertainment here is a video (well it was a vine on Brod's account) of my sis and I grooving in the Sistine Chapel...... Yeah we did that.

Goodbye Europe. The End.