Sunday Afternoon

These pictures were taken on Sunday afternoon at our weekly ritual, dinner at my parents.  I decided to use their backyard as my back drop today because isn't it just gorg!? Everything is so fresh and green and it always takes me back to the 18 years of growing up there.  Oh and in case you didn't notice Hanes' little face in these, which I don't know how you would ! My dad was behind the camera just busting him up, I tried to not laugh the entire time as well! He was being such a goof and these faces are just to die for, it shows his crazy little personality and I love it!

p.s. It's mine and my loves 4 year anniversary today!! We are taking a little getaway this weekend so I'm sure you will hear much more about it and hopefully get some insta pics! Until then I love you sweets and happy 4 years, you are my better half!!

top: c/o PB&J Boutique
skirt: c/o Windsor
sandals: c/o Desingual
purse: c/o Olivia & Joy
necklace: c/o Oia Jules
pearl bracelet: c/o Ily Couture

Hanes' outfit: 
t-shirt: c/o Mini Mioche
jeans: c/o Mini Mioche
sandals: c/o Mini Mioche
hat: c/o Louis B.

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