Him's so Cute

A bunch of exciting things are happening on today's post! First things first, these "Him's so Cute" tees.  This is a little saying that my husband and I always say. I know it's not grammatically correct but it's just one of our little things.  Brickyard Buffalo are the sweetest and wanted to custom a tee just for my editor week. I am in love with how they turned out and will cherish them forever.  I hope you like and will sport one too, for you or the little one!
Next are these boots...I mean come on, aren't they pretty amazing? They are from the Steve Madden Store in Utah and this is where I find all my favorite boots.  If you have followed me for a while you know one of my all time favorite shoes are these boots featured here, here and here.  These are also from Utah's Steve Madden.  What's so awesome is they have custom boots that you can't get everywhere. If you don't live in state don't worry, they can easily ship them to you if you just call the store.  Trust me, they are super easy to work with.  Anyways I just had to share my love for them with you and I hope to do a Steve Madden boot of the month so you can see all the many styles that I love and can't get enough of!
top: c/o Brickyard Buffalo
skirt: c/o Windsor
shoes: c/o Utah's Steve Madden (801-355-3917)
backpack: c/o Windsor
shape rings: c/o Wren & Glory

Hanes' outfit:
tank: c/o Brickyard Buffalo
shorts: c/o Urban Baby Runway
shoes: Nordstrom

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