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I wanted to end this week talking about a few of my Brickyard Buffalo picks and why I chose them.  I wanted to choose items that I really do love and I hope you do too.  The deals end this weekend and things are going super fast.  Thanks again Brickyard Buffalo for giving me the amazing opportunity and I hope you as my followers enjoyed this as well!

Hair Talk 
I had to chat for a second about hair because of first this awesome brush and second this beach spray by Gnarly Whale that I adore.  This brush is honestly my favorite because of how good it is for my hair.  It pulls out no where near the same amount of hair my other brushes did and you can brush it while your hair sopping wet! I know I know, pretty rad.  Oh and I had a ton of questions about this top knot picture below that was on my instagram account. This beach spray is the product that is in my hair before the top knot.  It gives it that perfect light wave without having it be too much.  It is also what's in my hair in the picture with my hair down.  
 (sporting my thick brows ^^ well I'm trying, inspiration here and here)
the wet brush: c/o Brickyard Buffalo
gnarly whale spray: c/o Brickyard Buffalo
lips: NYX  
skirt: c/o Windsor
top: old from TJMaxx
earrings: c/o Bip & Bop
bracelet: c/o Ily Couture

Bow Tie 
These are bow ties made easy...button on and you're done! Exactly what I need with an insane toddler. 
 bow tie: c/o Brickyard Buffalo

Summer to Fall Must Have Pieces
I had to pick a couple pieces for you that I knew were must haves for summer and fall.  You already saw the striped leggings that are a must and this scarf here but I had to just throw out the other scarves that I can't wait to wear.  The colors pop, the stripes pop, what more do you need?
scarf: c/o Brickyard Buffalo (also adore the pink pastel)
striped leggings: c/o Brickyard Buffalo

Never Too Many Suits
Okay I know I already talked about this suit previously but I think I have already worn it at least 5 times in a couple weeks so it's a big deal in my book.  I have the hardest finding a one piece that's made for a real person like me.  I have a bootie, a torso, and some curves and I wanted a one piece that supported all of that and made me look like a lady while at itLet's just say this is my perfect suit. 
swimsuit: c/o Brickyard Buffalo
heart sunnies: c/o Brickyard Buffalo

To end the week I want to thank you all for helping me get to the position to even be nominated for Utah's Style Icon! It would mean more than anything if you would take a minute and vote if you have not yet.  Thank you so much for following and supporting me, I love you all! 

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