Swim Time

Well on the days it's over 100 degrees outside swimming is about all you can do! Let me tell you, his faces are a little ticked off in these pics because I made him wait an extra 2 minutes before jumping in. He is a little fish and would swim everyday/all day if I let him! 
I normally don't do swim posts or anything that often because let's face it, I'm no swim model.  I have had a baby, I have stretch marks, tan lines, and a lot more going on behind haha let's jut say I got junk in my trunk! Then I thought, you know what....it's real and I don't care! Plus this little boys belly is too cute not to show and in this little swim brief he couldn't get any cuter! Anyway I hope you are all having a fun summer getting out and being active, I know we are.

swimsuit: c/o Style Says
shorts: c/o Windsor
hat: c/o The Oxford Trunk

Hanes' outfit
swimsuit: c/o LooLa 
shoes: c/o Mini Mioche

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