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Monday, August 19, 2013

Play Ball
Monday, August 19, 2013 44 Comments Images

This was a fun little weekend outfit that Hanes and I collaborated on as you can see.  I do sometimes turn into that matchy matchy mom and I love it.  I mean come on how is it not fun to match the cutest little man.
Of course I wouldn't be able to go to a baseball game in these fab booties but this outfit is so versatile that I would be able to go to a game if I just threw on my converse that I always have available.  I try hard to make sure that most all my outfits are versatile enough to throw on some awesome heels if needed but have the go-to flats right by my side.
top: c/o H&M
pants: c/o Koo De Ker (call to order)
booties: c/o Windsor
bag: Michael Kors
bracelet: c/o Melissa Lovy
ring: c/o Melissa Lovy
sunnies: c/o Windsor

Hanes' outfit:
top: H&M
shorts: Gap

shoes: Nordstrom


  1. I've recently really liked the sporty chic look, love how you styled the baseball top and softball tee for Hanes!

  2. Are the pants leather? They look so pretty, love the zipper detail, I wish I could wear some like that but I'm somewhat short and sometimes have to have them shortened which doesn't work with the zipper.
    You and Hanes look lovely as always, glad to have found your blog :)


  3. LOVE this!!!


  4. LOVE this look and I am obsessing over your top.. I love shirts like this.. You look fabulous!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  5. I just took pics in my Yankee shirt in this. Baseball tees and jerseys are just sooo cute!


  6. How is your hair so perfect? I think you should do a tutorial for us fellow platinum blondes. What products you use, favorite dry shampoo, how long do you go between washes and hair appointments? All that good stuff!!!

    1. She has lots of great tutorials! She talks about dry shampoo, her favorite products, and different curling techniques. She also talks about how long she goes between washes. Check them out!! You'll love them!

  7. Your hair is absolutely flawless! Adore this outfit. The gold accent looks great against black and white.


  8. Great look Cara! I couldn't agree more with you on being able to change up an outfit with just a pair of shoes. Great pair of heels and they look comfy too :) Always a plus.

    Have a great week!

  9. Cara, I adore all of your sporty chic looks. Love the concept of dressing it up with heels or throwing on a pair of Converse. You look beautiful as always.

  10. Just bought this shirt. Second item I have gotten just because I loved it so much on you. You have such great style Cara!

  11. great outfit - love those zip jeans!

    The Casual Classic

  12. love this! I am going to h and m asap to hunt down that shirt!!


  13. Love this look! You hair looks gorgeous!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  14. aww you guys are so cute being matchy-matchy. I do the same thing with my son all the time (we both love stripes. Your shoes are amazing!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  15. LOVE THIS! It's casual but with a little edge! Awesome combo!

    Megan Star

  16. totally loving this trend. you pull it off so well!!

    xoxo Shauna


  17. this outfit is amazing, defiantly getting that top right now. LOVE.

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