Tee & Heels

What a good weekend with my boys.  Got to do a little shopping, had some good grub and sat on my butt while watching Lifetime movies.  That's my kind of weekend! While shopping I picked up this awesome tee below at one of my favorite stores JMR (little local place), I'm waiting on these babies to arrive in the mail which I couldn't be more excited about, and found a few other sweet little gems.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well and are as unimpressed with this Monday that's about to arrive as I am.  Let's try to make it a good one shall we?
top: JMR Chalk Garden 
jeans: c/o PB&J Boutique (best fit ever!)
shoes: c/o Windsor
backpack: c/o Windsor
sunnies: c/o Windsor
rings: c/o Ily Couture 
skull earrings: c/o Ily Couture
bracelet: c/o Windsor
necklace: c/o Apple of My Eye

Hanes' outfit:
top: c/o Hello Apparel
shorts: Gap
shoes: Nike


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