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Thursday, September 19, 2013

University Look + Clothing Sale
Thursday, September 19, 2013 20 Comments Images

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with University Mall in Provo and I have loved every second of it.  I got to go shopping there on Saturday and see all the stores they had.  I swear I shopped for a good 4 hours and would have gone more if my boys would have let me.  Here are a couple of things I picked up in the post below.  I have been on a search for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for quite some time and I think I finally found the perfect pair there.
I can already tell that University Mall is going to be a new obsession for me and I'm quite happy about it.  Make sure you follow their facebook page to keep updated on new things happening around there as well. 
cardigan: Forever21 via c/o University Mall
tank: H&M
jeans: Cotton On via c/o University Mall
shoes: Birkenstock
bag: Phillip Lim Target 
lips: Stila (Carina)
ring: c/o Melissa Lovy

Hanes' outfit:
top: Crew Cuts outlet
shorts: Target
shoes: Nordstrom

CaraLoren Clothing Sale
I am so excited to announce to all of you that I will be doing another huge clothing sale next Saturday the 28th! It is going to include my clothes, my sisters, and mothers and a ton of kids clothes (boys and girls).  So needless to say there will be a lot to choose from! A huge majority of it is brand new clothes and everything else is lightly worn.  There will also be some home stuff in there so really there will be stuff for everyone.
Last time we did the sale it got a little crazy so we are taking appointments.  This way you will have a little time to look and not be fighting with a ton of other people.  If you would like to make an appointment all you need to do is email pamchatelain50@yahoo.com or text the # (801) 710-4567 and we will get you all set up! Thanks and I can't wait to meet some of you!


  1. Your outfit looks so comfy! I love the red on you! Also, your child is the cutest thing ever!

  2. What a comfy look, I love it!


  3. You and your boy look so cute! To bad that I can't be there for the sale. I could use some of your clothes.


  4. Red is definitely your colour! Gorgeous.


  5. You just make any look a showstopper, don't you? :) It's so comfy and casual, but with the hair, makeup and pretty colors it looks so put together and stylish, I love it.
    The sale sounds so, so amazing, I would love to go and see it! Too bad I live so far away :(

    Renate from http://thecuriousklutz.blogspot.com

  6. I love that bag! Perfect size :)
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  7. Love this casual comfy look, love outfits like these :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  8. I think varsity and preppy looks are really cute!

  9. Absolutely love this look!
    Those boyfriend jeans are perfect!
    You hair looks amazing as always! :)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  10. SO cute! What a great look for the fall! I love those jeans. Love how comfy they seem. Shopping for boyfriend jeans can be so tough, but those look like they fit perfectly!


  11. I love this! Casual-cute. My favorite. I wish I lived in Utah so I could shop your wardrobe! You'll have to put it up online someday for all us east coasters.

  12. this would be SO CLASSIC with a pair of black skinnies and chucks. so so so classic :)

  13. the jeans look awesome on you!


  14. Hi, can you please tell about your workout routines:-)?


  15. Such a cute outfit!!! Love that red on you! I would wear this in a heart beat, love that tomboy look!

    Cx http://mixedmediumstheatre.blogspot.co.uk/

  16. Darling outfit! I love that your sweater has an "H" on it ;] And def love that Birks are back!!!!

    Good luck with the clothing sale

    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

  17. You are definitely working those boyfriend jeans! Don't you just love successful shopping days? :) I swear, retail therapy is real.

    Newest follower,

  18. You can never go wrong with a good pair of boyfriend jeans!!!

  19. what size did you get the sweater in? F21 clothes always seem to have a weird fit on me. I'm normally a small but am wondering if I should bump it up a size.