Zip Up

Okay so I try not to ever do this but I am so so extremely tired tonight that I honestly can't write anything! My brain feels like it is fried and I can't concentrate on something for more than 5 seconds.  I hope you understand and know I really do love you all and am grateful for how sweet you all were during fashion week! I also hope you enjoy little man back in today's post because man I missed that face.
top: c/o Windsor similar
leggings: c/o See You Monday
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
bracelet: c/o Melissa Lovy
rings: c/o Melissa Lovy
earrings: c/o And Ruby 
sunnies: c/o Windsor
phone case: c/o Wildflower

Hanes' outfit:
top: c/o The Printed Palette
shorts: c/o Jr. Cooper
shoes: Adidas
hat: Pro Image

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