Cheetah Chill

I hope everyone had a decent Monday, I have to admit that mine was quite lazy.  I spent the day with my two boys, ran some errands and enjoyed the couch.  Sometimes that's all the energy I have on a Monday.
I also have to tell you all how grateful I am for you! I don't feel like I say it enough sometimes but you really mean so much to me.  If it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't be where I am today.  Every one of your sweet comments and emails make my day.  I read every one and appreciate them more than you even know.  Thank you all and I love you!!
p.s. This outfit below was one of the outfits featured HERE for the Steve Madden Magazine! 
top: c/o Windsor
sweats: Zara (put tons of favs below)
shoes: c/o Steve Madden
bag: Phillip Lim for Target (similar)
earrings: Lulu Avenue
necklace: Lulu Aveneue
ring: c/o CB Luxe
lips: NYX Matte (perfect red)

Hanes' outfit:
top: Hello Apparel
jeans: Gap
shoes: Gap
beanie: H&M

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