This was our Sunday look last week and man was it nippy outside.  This weather keeps tripping me out because one second it will be freezing and the next it's sunny as can be.  I guess it makes dressing fun (or difficult) and that's always good.
I had to put little man in his cozy moccs and warm little jacket.  He is killing me with how stinking cute he is.  His personality lately kills me, I can already tell he is going to have his dads personality which I love! He is sweetest little boy with the biggest heart and everyone loves him.....just like his daddy.
dress: Finishing Touches
jacket: c/o ChicWish
shoes: Chinese Laundry via Riffraff
bag: c/o Cleobella
earrings: Melissa Lovy
ring: Melissa Lovy
ring: c/o CB Luxe

Hanes' outfits:
top: Gap
jacket: Gap
pants: Mini Mioche
shoes: Minnetoka via Mini Mioche
bow tie: Beau Hudson

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