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Monday, December 02, 2013

Makeup and Facial Routine
Monday, December 02, 2013 24 Comments Images

I have finally decided to do a write up of my makeup routine and daily facial ritual.  I hope you like and remember I am no pro, this is just what I love!

Okay so now we are onto the really important part.....your facial ritual, from washing to lotion and whatever else.  I am already a little weird about wrinkles or anything like that so I take early precautions.  I know it may seem silly but it never hurts to be extra careful and keep your skin as youthful as possible. 

  • Patricia Wexler Anti Aging Face Wash: I have used this since high school and still love it, I'm addicted. It's a really soft wash so you don't feel like your scratching the crap out of your face.  They have another wash that is a little more rough if you like that but I like the silky stuff. 

  • NeriumAD day and night cream:  Okay so if you want your skin to feel silky and to have a little glow to it then I suggest this.  I feel like ever since using this my face is smooth, my makeup goes on easier, and I'm pretty dang sure my skin is tighter. I used to have these pretty dominant lines that went across my forehead and between my eyebrows and it drove me nutty.  It sounds crazy but they have tightened, I can tell because my makeup doesn't go into those creases anymore half way through the day or anything.......I amquite happy about it! I just use my night cream after I wash my face and before bed.  I use the day cream when I wake up which is usually when I am getting ready.  A little tip is to put your cream on and then do your hair before doing your make up.  This way your day cream has a little time to set in before you put your makeup over it. 

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear (heavier coverage, my color 2W1): This stuff is amazing for photos and will make your skin look flawless.  You only need the smallest dot and that will be plenty.  My bottle has now lasted me over 3 months.  
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (lighter coverage): This is also amazing and is perfect for day to day wear.  It's a little less coverage but still gorgeous.  

  • Pro Flawless Bronzer Brush #46: Now I know this says bronzer brush but I promise it's the most amazing foundation brush you will ever use.  You put it on just with a tiny bit of foundation and in circular motions.  If you buy anything from this post I would say this is a must!

  •  Classic Must Have Powder Brush #30: This powder brush is just basic but it's good.  I know brushes can get a little pricey and on this brush personally I think you would be okay doing this brush HERE which is a little cheaper.  It just depends on where you want to spend your money.
  • Revlon Photo Ready Concealer (color: light): I have used this stuff for over a year and I still love it.  I know their are probably more expensive options but this works perfect for what I like. 
  • Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer (color: The High Dive): I have been through many kinds of bronzers but I really do love this stuff.  All I know is this is the color I like and I prefer for my bronzer.  
  •  Pro Flawless Powder Brush #40: Now I don't know if this is necessarily the correct bronzer brush but this is what I love.  It blends it in well and goes on my face smooth.
  • Stilla 'Convertible Color' dual lip and cheek (color: Lilium): Okay so I saw this color used backstage at NYFW and ever since then I have been in love.  I don't use this blush everyday because I feel like it's for more of a specific look but he I love the outcome.  You can use this on your lips and cheeks and it's so fresh and stunning. 
  • Brow Bar for Eyebrows: I love this stuff because it actually shows up on your brows and gives you two colors to work with and a top coat that makes it stay in place which is nice.  
  • Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: I will be honest I don't have a specific eyeline that I am obsessed with but I have used this and like it. I just usually like a liquid eyeliner best because of my eye lash extension.  It goes on much easier. 

  • Lipstick: All of my favorites are below, I hope you like!


  1. I am so happy you have done a post like this!! I need to check out that Estée Lauder foundation and liquid liner as I am in need of both!! Loved this post!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Such a great collection of makeup tips! Thanks so much for sharing! Finding a good foundation can be such a pain sometimes! I'll have to try your recommendation! Love it, girl!


  3. I use the same Bare Mineral and absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. we are using kind of the same products!

  5. What is the nude lipstick you are often wearing Cara?

  6. Thanks for sharing these products with us :)
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  7. Thanks for sharing!!
    Great products!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  8. I've been wanting to try Estée Lauder good to know it works so well. You have fantastic skin so I'm gonna try the face products as well. Thanks cara ;)


  9. great post - I'll have to check out some of these products! xo


  10. This is the second time this week Ive heard good things about NeriumAD.. Might have to get some!! Thanks for the tip xo

  11. THanks for sharing! Your make-up is always impeccable!




  12. Thanks for sharing all of your favorites. Your recommendation for brushes was very helpful!!

  13. Wonderful beauty post! We love the prettiness you've shared!



  14. Great post dear! Loveee all the products! :) xoxo


  15. Thank you for sharing Cara! You always looks so flawless! xx


  16. Love love love it! Thanks so much for sharing!


  17. BH cosmetics has something similar to "brow bar to go" for much less. NYX also has great alternatives that I posted about earlier. I was able to get two products for under $10 using the coupons ulta usually offers and their weekly deal which had buy one get one 50% off.


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  19. Great Post! Thanks for sharing:) I want to try that Estee Lauder makeup you use! I am in LOVE with both night and day cream!! Feel free to message me if you want to try some :D


  20. What color do u use of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light?? Thank you!!!!

  21. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I pretty much went out and got most of this stuff right after your post & I must say I love all of it way more than anything I was using before. I know I am pathetic but I go into places like Ulta and just get overwhelmed. There are too many products to choose from, so thanks for testing the waters and just telling me what to spend my $$$ on!

  22. I have one most essential question if we do routine makeup in our face due to cosmetic chemical it leads to some effect in our face?

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  23. Cara, how do you remove the waterproof mascara from your extensions?