Night Swim

We got to take a night swim on the beach one of the nights and it was amazing! Little man was a tad nervous at first but it does not take this kid long to warm up to things. You can see his nervous face in the one pic and it is so classic.  He's looked at that pictures at least 10 times now and keeps saying, "Why Hanes so sad?" He is really into pictures of himself lately and I love it.  He can go through pictures on my phone all day lately and he never gets sick of it.  Anyway, I know it's probably way weird seeing beach pics when it's freezing where most of you are so I will try to keep them pretty minimal.  I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and are getting ready for Christmas, I know I need to!

swimsuit: c/o Vitamin A
poncho: c/o Windsor
sunnies: c/o Von Zipper

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