Mexico Roundup

Hello everyone, I am finally home after 24 hours of travel and I have never been so excited in my life to see my baby!! He was a little confused at first but was so excited to see mommy and daddy. 
I decided before I moved onto all of our Italy pics I should probably roundup all the Mexico pics.  It seems like this trip was months ago when it was really only a few weeks ago.  Life has been a little crazy lately with travel and I am so excited to just be home for a little bit.  I hope you like these fun beach pics from our little getaway!

 ^^swimsuit: c/o Vitamin A
^^swimsuit: c/o Giejo 
 ^^swimsuit: c/o Triangl
^^ top: c/o Windsor, shorts: c/o Windsor
^^ swimsuit: c/o Luli Fama
^^ swimsuit: c/o Triangl
^^ top: c/o Triangl Swimwear, short: c/o Windsor
^^Hanes' swimsuit: c/o Duke of London
^^ romper: c/o Windsor
^^swim top: c/o Bfyne, bottom: c/o: Kingdom & State