A Relaxing Day

So looking at most of my posts lately and I am seeing a trend....and that is comfy/casual clothes. I really am sorry that I post so much of that right now, it's just what I am truly wearing most days at this point.  I promise I will try to dress up a little more so I have more of a variety for you.  I'm just still at that awkward point with my belly where it's not quite big enough to wear tight stuff to show off the bump but I definitely have a little gut so I need to just hide it a little still.  I was pushing it out as much as I possibly could for the announcement pics yesterday but when I really look in the mirror I just feel like I am sitting in that awkward stage for just a little longer.  I'm thinking within the next couple of weeks I will have that natural belly pop and be able to fully embrace dressing with a preggo belly.  I can already tell I'm showing way quicker with this little man than I did with Hanes but I'm okay with that.  Anyways I'm sorry about rambling on about belly and baby talk, it's just what's on my mind a lot lately so you will probably continue to hear about it. I hope that's okay with you!?
top: c/o Windsor
jacket: c/o ChicWish similar
leggings: ASOS (maternity)
boots: FREEBIRD via c/o Steve Madden Utah (801) 355-3917
bag: Chanel via c/o Fashionphile 
glasses: Jessica Simpson (this years)
necklace: Melissa Lovy

Hanes' outfit: 
top: Little Cocoa Bean
pants: Little Cocoa Bean
shoes: Nordstrom

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