Chicky Pop with Hanes

This post below is completely focused on my little man Hanes.  He has a mind of his own and sometimes I wonder how he came from me, and then I look at my husband and it explains everything haha.  I mean he has an opinion on everything and clothing is very much included.  I was so happy to work with Chicky Pop because I knew Hanes would be excited to wear the stuff!  This cheetah sweatshirt is possibly the coolest thing Hanes has worn and I haven't been able to get it off of him ever since he tried it on.  I mean he notices things as small as the little panda bear patch on his jacket, in his eyes it makes the jacket that much cooler. 

Chicky Pop carries kids clothes all the way from sized NB to 6 years and is free shipping in the US.  Trust me, I will be putting their stuff on the new little guy too.  Everything that Hanes has from them is such high quality and I love that, I can tell it's going to last through all of his adventures that he gets into.  They have a bunch of popular designers and local handmade designers that are amazing.  Anyways this little dude down here is pretty cool in my eyes and I think some of these pictures show off his little man swag so I hope you like. 
P.S. Get 15% off at Chicky Pop with the code "CARALOREN"

TOP// PANTS// JACKET: c/o  Chicky Pop
shoes: Nordstrom

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