Side Part Curls Tutorial

Well guys it's been far too long since I have done an updated curling tutorial so I thought it was about time! I am going to be showing my side part curls today that I have been doing more often lately.  It's the perfect effortless look for spring and summer and that's exactly what I want this time of year.  I will be using the biggest wand from the NuMe Lustrum wand set today.  If you have a little shorter hair I would suggest using the wand that is one size smaller for this look but I talk about all this in the video so you can just see it there.  What's so nice about the Lustrum set is when I travel I have every single wand available to me without having to bring a ton of separate curling wands which I usually need.   Oh yeah and the best part is how long these wands keep my curls in tact, with Hanes and another dude on the way I can not worry about curling my hair every morning.  Actually there is just no possible way, I'm lucky if it happens once a week to be honest.  Anyway, I hope the tutorial helps and you get all your questions answered!
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top: Peter Pilotto
lipstick: NYX Matte (indie flick)

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