Ultra Chill Mode

These pics were taken the day before I got my hair done so I obviously still have my ombré root look in these pics. It actually makes me miss my old hair a little bit but I am still loving the all blonde for spring and summer.  It's kind of funny because so many people are very opinionated whether they like the root look or hate it, and I'm okay with that! I of course care what people think but I still love trying different things and having my own opinion. I have to stay true to myself and do what I love the most at that time, but of course I expect opinions and I don't mind them at all. 

The outfit below is a total chill look by Hanes and myself. I actually have worn sweats probably two or three times each week just because they are so much comfier with a sensitive preggo belly.  In my opinion when you're just out running errands and getting things done I think it's completely fine to wear cute sweats, actually I'm all about it! I linked a few down below and those are all ones that are currently on my wish list. What do you guys think, do you agree with the sweats trend?

top: c/o Windsor
pants: Zara (similar)
jacket: Top Shop
shoes: Steve Madden (this years version)
bag: c/o Arhaus Jewels
sunnies: c/o Windsor

Hanes' outfit:
top: c/o Geo Fox
jacket: Gap
pants: H&M
shoes: c/o Mini Mioche (his favorite shoes EVER)

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