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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memorial Day Sales
Thursday, May 22, 2014 13 Comments Images

Well guys it's shopping time this weekend.  I tried to find any sale I could for you, so I hope you enjoy. Here are some of my favorites.....happy shopping!

Memorial Day Sales

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Half-Yearly sale for Women's & Kids (Spring markdowns on women's & kids apparel, shoes, accessories and more) // Ends June 1

Take 20% off everything. // Enter code: WEBEGRILLIN // 

Tons of new items just added! 

Take 40% off regular price styles! // Enter code: EVENT // Restrictions apply. // Ends 5/26

Neiman Marcus
The Real Deal sale // Save up to 40% off the latest styles in Sport Shop, Contemporary/CUSP, and Dress Collections // Ends May 26

Urban Outfitters
The Get Out of Town Sale. Women can take an additional 25% off all dresses (this includes sale and full priced dresses). Men can take 25% off all shorts and tank tops (again includes sale and full prices). 



  1. I love sales, thanks so much for letting us know about all the good ones!!!


  2. Love all your Urban Outfitter picks! Can't wait to hit all the sales!


  3. Amazing sales! Thanks for sharing!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  4. Oh no the sales good and bad all at the same time!! Love
    The urban outfitters pics though!


  5. I love a good sale! The urban outfitters one is especially exciting because you can get dresses that are already on sale for under $10 with the 25% off! Too good to be true!

    XO, K

  6. Love a good memorial day sale!


  7. Ok, Im sure I need to do some shopping! Love to see what others would get on sale! Im def. a sucker for a sale :)
    I would love you to come visit my blog!
    I have great juice recipes :) haha and other good stuff!
    Xo, Jenn

  8. Oh man there are some good sales! I just ordered stuff from Asos too. Wish I would have waited!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds
    How Gorgeous Jewelry


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