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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Printed in Nature
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 23 Comments Images

Over the weekend my hubs and I took a little getaway for our 5 year anniversary. We went to Park City and everything was green and breathtaking as usual, so of course we had to take advantage of it.  I do wish I could have done more outdoorsy things though, but let's just say that wasn't going to happen 34 weeks pregnant.  It was nice to just relax for a day, go out to dinner, and see a movie before little one gets here. These are things that rarely happen as it is, and it will slow down even more soon.  We had a nice little getaway and I loved spending uninterrupted time with my man! 

p.s. To see the winner of the Temptu giveaway go HERE!

dress: ASOS
shoes: Free Bird via Steve Madden Utah (brown here)
bag: c/o Hiptipico
sunnies: 7 for all Mankind (similar)
bracelet, ring, ring: c/o SLDesigns
lips: Dolce & Gabbana (Mandoria)


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love that dress!

    x abby, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  2. Love the sandals! Very pretty photos.


  3. I really don't think I have seen a more stylish pregnant lady! truly. I was basically a slob ;) xx

  4. Gorgeous dress!! Looks beautiful on you!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. What a sweet look! You are looking so darling! And what a great time for a getaway!


  6. Absolutely adorable Cara! Only you could pull off that print in maternity, I so couldn't lol!! xo


  7. So cute!! Love the dress, isn't park city just the most amazing place.


  8. I really need to visit Utah!
    So many amazingly beautiful places and it's so close to me! :)
    I need to make it happen!
    -Adrienne. xo

    Citizen of the World
    Citizen of the World

    Check out my new online boutique!!
    Wanderlust Boutique

  9. That dress is such a gorgeous shape! The print is beautiful as well! So weird but when I first started following your blog around a year ago I saw you at Redstone in Park City but was too shy to say hi! Haha I hope you had a great anni celebration :)


  10. i love the print of your dress and the bag as well!


  11. I love how this dress has such a unique and fun pattern to it! You look gorgeous pregnant. I hope you had a wonderful time on your anniversary trip :)


  12. Beautiful pictures! You look fantastic such a cute dress for summer!

    xx Auna | http://simplyauna.com

  13. You look beyond Gorgeous! You and your cute family came out amazing! Loved all the photos!

  14. Hey Cara, do you mind sharing what size this dress is you are wearing? I am 22 weeks and don't want to get it too big. Thanks!!! If by chance you don't see this I might ask Chelsy to text you. Hopefully that's not creepy, lol.


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