Arrow Ladd Van Brocklin

I am going to begin by warning you that there are quite a few pictures in this post......but let's be honest, how could I narrow it down anymore? My sister (B Couture Photography) was beyond amazing and made it in town for the birth of Arrow, and managed to get his newborns done before she had to head back home.  To say I am in love with these is a major understatement.  They turned out perfect!
The styling we went for was super simple and clean so it focused on how handsome little Arrow is.  I die over how cute his features are, and I love how well these pictures capture them.  If you can't tell from these pictures he has really big hands and feet just like Hanes, so I'm guessing he will be pretty tall like his brother.  At his two week appointment he was 55% in weight, 99% in height, and 40% in head.  That sounds pretty similar to what his brother was.  I have to say one of my favorite pictures of all is the one of the two together.  Hanes sure loves his baby and will cuddle him any chance he gets.  I hope it stays that way! 
white wrap: Baby Joy Studios

grey nubby blanket: Art my Blanket

photos by: B Couture Photography
grey blanket: Baby Joy Studios
brown nubby blanket: Art my Blanket