Birth Story

The day started out like any other pregnant day did.  I was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable,  and ready for little man to come out if he was ready.  I had a doctor's appointment that morning and I was more than ready to get in there and see if I had progressed any.  I had progressed a little so it was encouraging, I was dilated to a 3+ and 80% effaced. I had so many contractions through this entire pregnancy, so I wasn't surprised at all that I was dilated to a 3+ by now.  I had a little blood work done because of some weird upper stomach pains that were happening, but I think it was just a little sign telling me I was going to have him soon.   
I got done with the appointment and we went about our day (we stayed pretty busy), so I'm guessing that's why it happened that night.  We went on our daily walk, I hung out with my sister's, and we got ready to go to dinner with my entire family for the night.  My whole family was in town and together which is pretty amazing for my family, so we were all going out that night to celebrate.  When I was getting ready for dinner I was feeling some pretty hard contractions every 4 or 5 minutes, but to be honest, that was pretty common for me so I didn't think much of it.  We got to dinner, ordered our food, and by that point I KNEW I was in labor.  We didn't even wait for our food, we just jetted out of there to the hospital.  My mom kept Hanes and this got me a little emotional, I was nervous about this point the entire pregnancy.
On our way to the hospital my contractions were extremely hard and every 2-3 minutes apart. It brought back memories from Hanes' labor and it got me really excited, and really nervous all at the same time.  We got to the hospital, they checked me, and quickly got me to my room.  I was dilated to a 5 by now so they didn't know how quickly my labor would go.  My strep test was positive so they had to get antibiotics in me quick.  I had this with Hanes as well, so I was prepared for this part.  If you have been pregnant you probably know this, but if not, it's a virus that can be passed onto the baby and is extremely dangerous for them, so you have to be treated for at least four hours before the baby can be delivered. They started the medicine right away and didn't do anything to make my labor go quicker until the entire 4 hours was over.  I wanted to get an epidural and they wanted me to get it sooner than later because we didn't know how quickly things would move once the medicine got all in me.  My contractions were quite painful at this point and I was about a 6, so it was time to get the epidural.  With Hanes I waited until I was a 7 to get the epidural because I wanted to feel it a little longer, but I figured I may as well get it now rather than wait.  I have a ton of respect for women that don't get epidurals, you ladies are tough cookies, my mom did with all 5 of us.
Now at this point, all I was thinking was I better be ready to push for couple hours because that's how it was with Hanes.  I pushed for over 2 hours with Hanes and had to play tug of war with my husband to finally get him out.  I know I know, sounds a little weird right? Hanes also had the cord wrapped around his neck numerous times and wasn't breathing right away so I didn't get to see him for a little bit after birth.  I was preparing myself for another labor like this, but to my surprise it was much, much quicker.
Once my medicine was complete they started pitocin, but quickly had to stop it because things were moving right along on their own.  My water hadn't broken on it's own so they decided to break it.  Not to be to graphic, but it pretty much exploded and broke everywhere, which we didn't know at the time but made Arrow boy drop down pretty hard and quick.  They checked me right after they broke my water and I was still a 7.  My nurse said it would probably be about an hour so and I should let me family or whoever know.  We called them and they all headed to the hospital.  Luckily they were all pretty close by, because my nurse out of no where came in 5 minutes later and decided to check me once again just in case.  I had gone from a 7 to a 10 and fully effaced in less than 5 minutes.  They told me not to move at all and be careful not to push because he was right there and my doctor wasn't there yet.
My doctor soon ran in and everything was moving so fast.  They got everything ready and told me to push. I gave it all I had because I didn't want my last labor to happen all over again.  I quickly heard stop, stop, stop it made me a little nervous and I immediately stopped.  The cord was again wrapped around his neck a few times.  My doctor quickly got him untangled and told me to do a couple little pushes and he was out!! I know, pretty insane right....I did not expect that at all!  Arrow Ladd Van Brocklin was born on July 30th at 2:30 am,  was 7 pounds 13 ounces, and 20.5 inches long.  They quickly laid him on my chest and I couldn't believe the love I felt.  I knew I was his mommy and I never wanted to let him go.  He was so perfect and I loved him so much.
They took him away to check him and clean him all up.  The nurses were a little nervous at first because they thought there was something wrong with his breathing because of his coloring.  We soon noticed that it was just bruising, but it was pretty bad because of how hard he dropped when we broke the water, and how quick he came out.  He had the sweetest little cry and I just wanted to hold again and have him back on my chest so I could cuddle him close.
Hanes came in soon after and I thought my heart was going to burst with love.  He was a little shy and extremely sleepy but still the sweetest thing ever.  He jumped up on my bed and cuddled with mommy and Arrow.  All I wanted to do was hold my two boys next to my sweet husband and never let them go.  I have to quickly add how cute my husband was during this labor and my last.  Even through the pain he still gets me laughing and of course every nurse always loves him.  Let's be honest, I don't really know of anyone that knows Brody and doesn't love him.  I was lucky to have him by my side. Hanesy boy stayed for a little while and cuddled with us, but I could tell he was overly tired and needed to go sleep at grandma's and grandpa's.  I got a little emotional when he left, but couldn't wait for him to come back the next day when he was more awake.
The next thing to do was breastfeed him and honestly I couldn't wait.  For me it was a major moment that I remember with Hanes and couldn't wait to have that same bond with Arrow.  He did amazing and still is quite the little eater and champ. The rest of our hospital stay was a dream and I seriously loved my nurses.  Hanes came everyday and chilled with us for a few hours at a time.  Whenever Arrow had to leave the room he would go ask all the nurses where his baby was.  He was pretty attached to that little baby of his and is the best big brother.
I am so grateful to have these two happy, healthy boys of mine and wish time could stand still.  Besides being a little sleepy I am LOVING newborn stage and things have been going pretty smooth around here.  Hanes is a good little helper without helping too much if you know what I mean.  It's been an adjustment for me to not be able to do everything with Hanes, but I think we will get back into the groove of things soon. 
I just want to end by saying thank you so so much for all the sweet comments, emails, and everything else.  I am so sorry if I haven't gotten to answering some of them, I promise I am doing the best I can. I feel so blessed to have so many people that love us from our family, friends, and all my sweet followers.  We are so grateful for all the love and love you all right back!

p.s. I have to tell you all how insanely amazing my sister (B Couture Photography) is for taking these pics and doing an unreal job.  I had the hardest time deciding which pictures to put up.  I know I put up a lot, but I swear I could have put up double this.  I will also be putting up his newborn pics that she did as well and I can't wait to share them with you! Thanks again sis, I love you! 

photo's by: B Couture Photography

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